What Happens When Social Media Meets Dating

With the ever-present involvement of social media in so many aspects of daily life, it’s definitely fair to remember that what we put out for public consumption is a reflection of what and how we are. Fair or not, most don’t see these things as part of a whole, but rather as the sum of the whole. Perspective on both sides can go a long way. So with that in mind, check out this article from No Strings Dating on the pros and cons of social media in the world of dating.


You don’t necessarily need to be signed up for an online dating site to meet someone online.  The number of couples who have met on Facebook and Twitter are rising, and no matter how you’ve met, these social media outlets are becoming some of our favorite ways to scope out or investigate potential dates from the comfort of our couches.  Online dating goes way beyond your online dating profile.

Before a date, I like to take note if we have any friends in common-and if so, which ones-and take my time judging their status updates.  Are they funny? Political? Or just really lame?  Do they use proper grammar? What do the rest of their photos really look like?  Are they flirting with everyone on their page?  All of these things give us the chance to see if we are in fact, a match.  Some might argue that one shouldn’t be judged based on what they tweet or the things they say on Facebook.  But in the world we live in, isn’t our digital persona almost a direct reflection of our “in real life” one?  It’s who we are, magnified and squeezed into 140 character blurbs.  And yes, your Facebook might be “yours”…but you’re putting it out there for the world to see, so in my opinion, it’s more than ok to judge.  It’s smart!

Of course, your opinion of their online behavior should only be part of the puzzle.  If a guy you’re dating is absolutely incredible in person but constantly updates his Facebook with annoying things, maybe it’s worth overlooking-or at least blocking his updates and just spending time together in person for now.

And on the flip side, consider the things you share online…someone just might be judging you.  Hey, it’s only fair!

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