The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

With 2012 drawing to a close, I decided to have the last post of the year be a look back at the “Best Ofs”. Thanks for a great year everyone!


Empowering Days of December 2012

Happy December 1st all!! Want to know when you might be able to get a cosmic boost and what days to watch your “P’s and Q’s”? Then read this month’s report from shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst! Want more? Go to Ellen’s Facebook page for the shuistrology report for your sign! Enjoy!


Here come the holidays, but this month there will be times when even ole Frosty is going to get hot under the collar.  Silent Nights?  Sometimes.  But then, at others, the clatter that arises might not be up on the rooftop but right inside your own office and/or kitchen too.  The energies this month are kinda complicated since they will bounce back and forth between optimism and obstacles.  Listen, if you do encounter what seems insurmountable think about giving birth in barn with no epidural or midwife close by and then carry on.  You can do it.  In December.  The only time you come against a deal breaker is when you put that boundary in your own head.  This month begs you to work from your heart.  Talk amongst yourselves and then leave room for pie.  And, then, for some of us, breakthrough encounters, experiences or even a life-altering realization that will unleash and unlock a whole new vibration and vision of possibility.  Negotiate.  No black or white, naughty or nice – – negotiate.  And forget about checking that aforementioned list, just check your attitude boo.  Because if you do take time to see all sides then you’ll wave ‘so long’ to this year with a rejuvenated sense of confidence and a renewed and restored optimistic enthusiasm.  And, c’mon, who doesn’t want some confidence for Christmas?

And, just so we’re clear, it’s the YEAR that’s ending, not the world.  Well, wait, the world as we know is changing as we head into the fifth dimension and the Age of Aquarius.  Consciousness is raising and potential for peace and prosperity abounds especially during three particular days of this mostly positive month.  If you want to know when or what to do to take total advantage of these amazing energies then head on over to my Facebook page and read the free Shuistrology for December – my holiday gift to you.  You can find that consciousness raising, exponentially life improving info at (

Now as for the markets and this month’s financials, well, history shows that you can’t go wrong going long gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Or maybe just gold.  Oh, okay, and silver’s ringing my bells too.  But, then again, it IS that time of year.  I don’t believe we’re heading off any cliff, fiscal or otherwise, but I’m not brave enough to bet on it, so, yeah, there’s that too.

From our house to yours, I wish you all – each and every one – a wonderful, safe, beautiful and blessed holiday season filled with magic, miracles and joy.  Joy to YOUR world is our wish for you and yours!  XOXOE

December 2   ………   Sun opposing Jupiter makes this a great day to do some holiday prepping and planning and maybe even a little decorating too.  Feng Shui says that if/when you hang garland, you should always hang it at a ‘smiling’ angle with the ends pointing up creating a small swag.  Speaking of swag, this cure’s got it in spades.  See decorations that have ends hanging down can subtly influence moods and energies to head in that same direction, but things that are hung so that they ‘lift’ do the same to holiday spirits.

December 10   ……..   Mercury the Messenger slides on over into Sagittarius where the chatty planet will stay until New Year’s Eve.  Generous Jupiter in Gemini is in mutual reception to Mercury all month so that means that all your communications, commitments and ideas will be inspirational, expansive and outstanding.  Dream BIG and then share them with anyone interested.  And don’t forget that hanging a round and faceted clear quartz crystal either over where you sit or over your computer on your desk can exponentially help those expansive efforts along.

December 11   ……..   Mercury squaring off against Neptune!  Now, now, why can’t these two just make nice?  As clear as the communications field was yesterday is as cloudy as it could be today.  Cross all your ‘t’s and dot all your ‘i’s while making sure you have the 411 on every little thing.  And then see yesterday’s Shui to help today’s efforts along as well.  Ps…if you’re sending gifts or cards today, just like a certain jolly ranger we know, check that list – – twice.  Or don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

December 13   ……..   SUPER STELLAR HOLLY-DAY!  Today really will feel like a holiday!  And you know you can find out how and why only if you’re a newsletter subscriber.  WHAT?  YOU’RE NOT?  Hurry – – get to and sign up for my free newsletter so you will never be without this empowering info again!

December 14   ……..   Mercury trine Uranus makes this a brilliant breakthrough sort of a day!  Following hot on the heels of the Super Stellar Day, well, this surely is a swell bunch of days.  If you are flexible and in the flow you will find all sorts of opportunities opening to and for you today.  Keep the front lights on.  Inside and outside the front entryway to your living space.  If you illuminate the pathways for opportunities to find you, they will LIGHT.  YOU.  UP.

December 16   ………   HAPPY HANUKKAH!  Venus squares off against Neptune on this day so celebrations will be best enjoyed if they are easy and simple.  Of course lighting NINE red candles in the ‘FAME’ area will get you some recognition and reward as the year begins to end.  Lighting eight of them will get you blessed.

December 19   ……..   Venus trine Uranus.  A very HAPPY day!  Life is unexpectedly loving and good.  Angels and cherubs are lucky symbols that will bless you life with good will and peace, exactly what today’s energies promise as well!  How about you take an angel under your wing and place some representative of one anywhere in your living and/or sleeping space?  Heaven on earth.  Just like today.

December 21   ……..   Winter Solstice.  Sun enters Capricorn while also sextile Neptune today too.  A most perfect night for an adventure!  Or to decorate the tree with fruit (for a good harvest) and coins (for prosperity) while mistletoe is hung over the doorways to bring healing, peace and love.  OR you can carve an image of the sun into the side of an orange or yellow candle and let it blow your intentions up in smoke.  Or you can do both.  And you should definitely do this:  since today is not the end of the world, but, rather, the beginning of the evolution of expanded consciousness, hop on over to my Facebook page and read the monthly Shuistrology to see what everyone of every sign should be doing to raise their vibe while taking total advantage of this amazing galactic alignment!

December 25   ……..   MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Mars enters Aquarius and Uranus in is Aries.  Sun squares Uranus as well.  What’s it all mean?  Don’t overindulge or give in to overwhelm.  Keep cool, calm and collected and use side lighting or soft candles to keep easy energies flowing.  The scent of cinnamon will do that too!  Just boil a bit of the grated spice in water on the stove or spritz a little essential oil around.

December 28   ……..   Full Moon in sensitive and caring Cancer.  Pay down one debt before the New Year comes calling.  Finishing up this year inviting prosperity to come and live with you during the next new one.

December 30   ……..   Sun conjunct Pluto /  Sun sextile Saturn too.  A great day to find bargains and/or to strike one too.  Keep a little plastic bag of sea salt in your wallet to magnetize more money to it.  Change the salt every 30 days to keep attracting cash and coin.

December 31   ……..   Mercury enters Capricorn.  Mars sextile Uranus.  Mercury sextile Neptune.  There’s a lot of sexting going on today.  Moon in Leo.  Jupiter trine Mars.  HAVE A HAPPY AND WONDERFUL NEW YEAR, these planets promise all same.  And don’t forget to put an image of a red bird by your bed tonight.  Ancient traditions tells that whoever looks upon a red bird first thing New Year’s Day will get only good news all the rest of the following 365!  My son and I wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy, loving and prosperous New Year!

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Want to know when you might be able to get a cosmic boost and what days to watch your “P’s and Q’s”? Then read this month’s report from shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst! Enjoy!


Gourd your loins or costume them however you please because it really won’t matter.  You see October aims to pull off the collective mask so we can all pull together – – especially in light of the recent and really upending energies.  Yes, yes, I know that I’ve been promising forward movement but October truly is the end of the innocence and, more importantly, of the uncertainty as well.  Put away the GPS, the Universe has this.  Ahhhh direction at last.  And not just for your flying brooms or even carpets with those same capabilities.  No, these new directions come complete with emergent and even some surprising but excellent opportunities attached.  It’s just that this time around all of those opportunities won’t be such a free treat.  They come with a bit of a trick to them.  Because the planets now promise that we can travel the purpose driven path only if we solve important problems under complex circumstances.   See, I told you it wasn’t going to be the full size Snickers house after house.  Now speaking of houses, early in October Saturn will leave Libra and will enter the sign of Scorpio for the better part of the next three years.  Since we learn our most valuable lessons in the house that Saturn resides in (and just so you know, Saturn NEVER hands out the full size bars – that would be way too nice!) then we should each pay attention to where Saturn is shifting in our indie charts and what the will mean for all of us.  You can find my free interpretation for each sign on my YouTube TV channel.  On this particular early October packing day, when Saturn boxes up and goes on the move you ‘ll want to put past patterns behind you too and move your self to a future full of empowerment, prosperity and love.  And change.  Roll with it.  Flow with it.  Embrace it.  It’s not going anywhere.  And for the next 31 days neither is October.  Sexy, secretive, tough love-ing October.  Like I said, take off the masks because the true journey to self discovery has now officially begun.

And what about lions and tigers and bears?  Oh my.  Well, I don’t know about those lions unless we be discussing Leo and those tigers should only be stuffed and friendly and placed in the ‘Children / Creativity’ area if you are struggling with infertility.  But the bear, oh DA BEARS.  They should be out in full force early this month following the crap energies associated with the September 29 Full Moon.  I mean, you can forget the three from the Yellow Brick Road and you can almost forget the other yellow bricks called gold too.  I think that we will start to see a top building in the precious metals markets now as behind the scenes pre –election post Pluto puke predicates secret political plotting – maybe even involving the military.  WHA?  Secret political plottings behind the scenes?  Nah. Well…maybe.  And, well, with Uranus involved in the melee don’t be surprised to see some sudden and possibly shocking events and energies play out on the world front.  This could quash any advancement in the stock market too, so, steer clear.  At least until October 6.


October 1   ………   Flirty Venus sextiles usually more reserved Saturn today, giving you an opportunity to either hook up or disconnect from a relationship that’s been on your mind a lot lately.  It could be the big ‘O’ or it could be “Oh no, I can’t take any more.”  That decision will be left to you but if you can see your clear to making a definite decision – – one way or the other – – what’s NEW (or more appropriately WHO’S new) pussycat might just offer the purrrrfect ending.  Locate the ‘RELATIONSHIP’ area of your bedroom and turn a light on there.  Leave it on all day (or at least for three consecutive hours) and burn, baby, burn.October 3   ………   Busy, busy Venus entering Virgo today while also opposing foggy and nebulous Neptune.  Wait, did I say “busy, busy” Venus?  What I meant to say is fickle, fickle Venus.  Either way, stop thinking that it’s everyone else who shines BUT you.  YOU actually shine the brightest of the bunch.  In fact, I can see your brilliance from here.  Spend some time today in front of a mirror and look deep into your own eyes.  Once there tell yourself that “you is kind” and that “you is smart” and, of course, that “you is important” too.  Or simply tell yourself that you shine.  Bright.  Because, well, you do!

October 4   ………   Big ole Jupiter goes retrograde today until end of January of next year while Mercury the Messenger conjuncts lesson planning Saturn.  All good.  Especially if singing agreements of contracts or even sharing ideas are involved.  New friendships initiated now will be sure to last a good long time too.  Nice and easy does it.  Find your ‘FRIENDS / FAMILY’ area and add a little green there ( candle, construction paper, a healthy plant?)  This will not only bring those promising new friends your way but will pepper your path with promises and potential fulfilled too.

October 5   ………   A once in every tow and half year kind of day.  Saturn, the planet sometimes associated with learning lessons through restrictions and limitations is coming out of years long stay in Libra and moving into Scorpio for the foreseeable.  Saturn only makes these rare visits to each sign every 28 years so this is something to pay attention to.  Now since Saturn will be in a mutual reception (astro speak!) with Pluto, we should see them working together in harmony and helping us all to learn our lessons in an easier way than the last couple of years.  If you’d like to know how this Saturn shift is going to affect your own energies then tune into my YouTube TV channel ( and see what predictions I have for you, Saturn and your sign!  And if you like what you hear, subscribe okay?  Turn about being fair play and all that!

October 7   ………    Uh oh, aggressive warrior Mars is squaring off against Neptune ratcheting the potential for you to embrace and engage that old “READY!  FIRE!  AIM” axiom.  Remember to think before you speak today and double check all your facts and figures.  Keep a clear quartz crystal somewhere close to you today, either sitting on  your desk, a kitchen window ledge or over the top of your computer.  Or all three.  Speaking of three – – leave them there for the next three days.  It will become crystal clear exactly why, but, for now, let’s just clear any negative vibes and keep on keepin’ on.  And if you really want to feel power, protection and prosperity than sign up for my new THE MINUTE MIRACLE webinar.  October 9 (yes, I planned it for the Super Stellar Day!)  Register here:

October 9   ………   SUPER DUPER UBER STELLAR DAY!  For lots and lots of reasons.  Now you know you can only access this info if you are a subscriber to the monthly newsletter as that’s our gift to you for opting in.  Now, how about you opt for some of the swellest energies around?  Sign up for the free newsletter at my website.

October 10   ………   Saturn trines Neptune meaning that a favorite fantasy could actually become your reality today.  According to author JoAnn Cornug in her ORIGINAL TRIBE (A Handbook of Angels) you can call on Archangel Zadkiel to help those efforts along.  Simply invoke his intercession three times and then say; “I am Archangel Zadkiel’s ambassador, bestowing riches and love upon all life everywhere.”  The ancient teachings tell that Zadkiel was the Angel of benevolence and mercy and that those who invoke him will receive his bright and brilliant light.  Yes, yes, give and you SHALL receive.  Just the way it goes.  Amen.

October 14   ………   Mars trines Uranus today possibly making this the second runner-up to Super Stellar!  This day is beautiful.  Wonderful.  A sparkly diamond of a day.  Write. Speak.  Market.  Promote.  Even travel will be tasty!  Share your inspirations and your ideas and CREATE excellent opportunities.  You can do this much more easily if you leave the front lights on (inside and outside) in the front entryway.  At least three consecutive hours, more if you can.  Illuminate the pathway to huge opps and then claim your victory and your success.

October 15   ………   New Moon in Libra.   Great time to greet this New Moonb by chanting these ancient words:  “Here is the New Moon.  The New Moon has arrived.  Be lucky for me now.  You’ve found me penniless.  Leave me rich and prosperous.  Leave us with money.  Leave us with good health.  Leave us with love.”  Here’s to your health, happiness, prosperity, luck and love!  Call it forth on THIS New Moon.  Claim it.  And it will be present to you!

October 23   ………   Sun trine Neptune means that TODAY is THE day to go ahead and ground that great idea.  One way to do that is to stand outside in bare feet and literally visualize your grand idea as a bright white ball of light moving from the top or crown of your head and then descending slowly down your body until it comes out the soles (souls) of your feet and into the ground.  “See” the idea then coming back up in that bright ball of light and moving up your entire body until it soars out the top of your head and up, up, up into the skies.  You can help these energies along by placing an image of a phoenix in your FAME area.  FAME!  I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly!  High.  Like a phoenix!

October 24   ………   Sun conjunct Saturn says to take care of you Boo.  Take a look at your calendars and schedule your yearly doc and dental appointments.  Keep the haters at bay and step away from the drama and the drudge.  You’ve got better things to do.  Like placing a green and HEALTHY plant in the center of your home.

October 28   ………   Venus enter Libra and Mars opposition Jupiter.  A lovely little ‘messaging’ sort of day – – texts, emails, fb, smoke signals etc.)  Surround each word you speak or send with a pink and loving light.  The messages you’ll get back will shoot straight to your heart.  In a good way – – of course.

October 29   ………   Full Moon in Taurus while Mercury enters Sagi and squares Neptune.  Let others continue to enjoy all the emotional drama – – you just stay centeredin harmony and balance and far from the bullshit.  But don’t be silly – – keep yourself surrounded by the white light of protection.  Like a column of heavenly brilliance that will blind you to the bull.  Or let you take one by the horns.  Up to you.  I’d stay eyes wide shut if I were you.

October 31   ………   Moon in Gemini and Sun close to Saturn, not so much scary as it is an invite to leave the Count Chocula alone and get your fresh swag on BOO!  Anytime after sunset tonight stand in front of a mirror and make a secret wish.  Visualize it coming true but whatever you do don’t leave doors and/or windows ajar this night!  Forget the ghosts and goblins this will invite otherworldly forces to come and set a spell.  ‘Spell’ being the operative word.  Just do your mirror work and reflect on your wish-full thinking.  Now that’s what I call Wishing Well!  See, just like I said, not so scary after all.

Empowering Days of September 2012

Want to know when you might be able to get a cosmic boost and what days to watch your “P’s and Q’s”? Then read this month’s report from shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst! Enjoy!
Shift happens.  In September.  A Sybil of a September if I ever did see on.  Two distinct personalities will emerge now putting decidedly different faces on a month that will have many.  The top of the month will make you smile as it helps to end the waves of indecision that we’ve all been wading through all summer long.  The bottom will unmask and awaken forward movement and help take action on important choices.  Choices the shove us all off the fence.  I don’t know about you but my ass was getting sore straddling anyway.  Consequences come home to roost so word watching will be critical now too.  Personal relationships as well as large-scale socio and political allegiances / alliances support new and more stable systemic changes.  But that don’t mean they’ll be easy my friends.  Now, don’t get me wrong, instability still rules as we continue our continual and long-term transformation affecting the top one percent vs. the other 99 of us.  But this month we reach the proverbial fork in road.  Chill won’t be so much in the air as it is the advice that will bring you safely through the last few days.  BIG decisions should be made early on especially while all those alliances, allegiances and relationships are in flux.  CREATE your future as opposed to boo hoo’ing about being the victim of it.  Don’t you want conditions to improve?  Yeah, me too.  THIS is the month you can consciously create that progress.  The stalemate, impasse and indecision is OVER.  Pay attention to your bottom line in order to have the upper hand come the rest of this year.  Long term financial plans take precedence over short sightedness and just plain sticking your head in the sand.  Even if it is the end of summer.  Unravel any misunderstandings with family and close friends or untie the cords and move on.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.So, then, economics, grassroots or otherwise, and DECISION are the overriding and sometimes overwhelming themes of this month.  Best advice I offer is to think outside the box during the end of month Grand Square.  Do best to take care of personal financially related obligations while watching changes in social programs that offer well fare to the masses undergo a tremendous, well, shift.  Because in September, shift happens.

Now, speaking of shifts, or LACK thereof, hey Ben Bernanke, have you ever heard the colloquial definition of insanity?  Now, I’m not only hoarding food and water (think September and storms on the East Coast – oh, okay, think ‘Drought 2012 too) but I’ll have to keep an eye on all my Monopoly money since someday soon that will be worth more than the fiat the Fed is constantly printing out.  Stay in gold.  Stay away from the market that shares and shows such bearish divergence between our brothers across all the ponds and the ones who are sitting and putting the printing presses to use.  Appears they’re all washing down magical mushrooms with ‘the’ Kool-Aid anyway.  All that glitters is still where you should be investing.  But you already knew I was going to say that because if you’d been acting on this advice all during the past few years I’ve been offering it than you’re more than likely already worth your weight in it.  While all the rest of us are falling off the fence, Wall Street Journal reporters Damien Paletta and Sara Murray warn of “falling off a fiscal cliff.”  So, yeah, there IS that.  Like I said (million$ of times over) all that glitters….yeah, yeah,you get the sparkly rest.

Oh and just as a quick reminder, Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day.  Just sayin’.  Here now, what to expect when you’re expecting shifts, decisions and a kick ass Grand Cross:

SEPTEMBER 1   ………   Mercury the Messenger is opposing nebulous, foggy and cloudy thinking Neptune so then a perfect day to spend inside your own imagination!  Dream.  Create.  Wish.  Up there in your head.  You will have time enough in a week or so to take these dreams, wishes and creations out into the real world.  Today is NOT that day.  Today IS however a day to try something out of the ordinary.  Taking a different route to work.  Drinking tea instead of morning coffee.  Switching up dinner with breakfast.  Any or every time you do something outside your regular routine you activate your imagination.  Or you could climb over the footboard to get yourself out of bed.  That’s considered REALLY good luck.  Imagination, wishing, creating – – now there’s a day I dream about!

SEPTEMBER 2   ………   Venus squaring off against pissy Saturn could cause the family and friends to need you a whole lot more than the partner.  But, unfortunately, the partner doesn’t know that you can’t be in fifteen places at one time.  Give yourself a time out.  Take a balance bath.  From the peels of nine oranges get nine quarter-sized and rounded pieces of the peels.  You can do whatever you wish with the rest of the oranges.  Let the 9 pieces of peels soak in a tepid bath for at least twenty minutes.  When ready to soak, fill the tub with water to your temperature liking and stay in the bath for twenty minutes at least.  When you pull that plug KNOW that negativity and whining should all now do down the drain and that you’ll now be back to your brilliant and beautiful self.

SEPTEMBER  3   ………   Entrepreneurial Mars is making hay with powerful purpose driven Pluto.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  And a practically perfect day to devise a plan to improve your financial situation, boost your bank account and/or increase your income.  Any or all of those efforts taken today will eventually pay off in a big BIG way.  Put an image of flowing water (including abundant white foam and open, expansive views) anywhere immediately INSIDE the front entryway door.  You can leave it there for 27 days or until waves and waves of opportunities improve your finances, boost your bank account and increase your income.  Word.

SEPTEMBER 4   ………   Ohhhh, this one’s a keeper!  Mercury the Messenger is making all nicey nice with the planet that influences your personal power, Pluto!  What a great day to embrace engaging and optimistic inspirations and ideas and then to share them with the ‘powers’ that be.  Those in authority will be all ears AND all support today.  Take advantage.  Schedule an interview, presentation or you could even connect with some intentional networking as well.  Either way this day is HOT so don’t forget to light those nine red candles in the ‘FAME’ area of your home and/or office.  Light them and declare your intention aloud.  Then blow them all out and BURN BABY BURN!

SEPTEMBER 5   ………   Mercury the Messenger is SEXtiling aggressive and entrepreneurial Mars.  See yesterday’s device and stay lit!

SEPTEMBER 12   ………   DING!  DING!  DING!!!  SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Now, you know you can’t get access to this info anywhere BUT inside my free monthly newsletter so get on over to and sign up!  You simply won’t want to miss this month’s info, in fact, I can guarantee you’re going to LOVE (!!!!!) it!  Really and truly LOVE it!

SEPTEMBER 18   ………   Uh oh.  Are you listening to me here?  UH OH.  Stay on the down low because there just won’t be any up high.  Nope, nope, nothing heading up or getting high at all.  Unless, well……Although Pluto has been retrograding for what seems like forever and although that power planet turns direct today, well, that news is being waaaaay overshadowed by a SHOCKING Uranus squaring off against Pluto and all that power.  Shit surge.  And mark my words, something happens on a societal and/or global scale to shake things up during these shaky days.  You need to stay grounded, steer clear of the drama and breathe!  Standing with arms outstretched, palms facing slightly up and feet planted firmly on the ground, breathe in through the mouth.  Fill the belly and then blow out through the mouth like you’re whistling.  Twenty seconds after each exhale:  “Universal Life Force energy flows through me now.  I feel it.”  Wait twenty seconds and repeat.  Four rounds should get you good and grounded.  You’ll thank me later.

SEPTEMBER 20   ………   Mercury opposing Uranus.  Mercury square Pluto.  Mercury needs therapy  and should leave the rest of us alone.  But until Mercury scores some Zanax and chills you might want to have lots of green all around you.  Healing, stress-relieving green.  Sleep on green sheets.  Water your green plants.  Show them some love and inhale their color with our eyes.  For today, the wearin’ of the green just might mean the difference between being lucky and being loco.  Choose luck.

SEPTEMBER 26   ………Previously rampaging and pissy Mercury (now in treatment) trines generous, expansive and jubilant Jupiter.  That’s better.  Oh and Mercury’s trine the moon too.  Finally a day to intentionally align with accord and cooperate with compassion.  Don’t get too too comfortable though as this is the port in the pending storm.  That’s right – the worst of this wave is yet to come.  So all the more reason to take today’s energies to heart and take a break.  Read haiku.  That’s right.  See, traditional haiku writings/poems contain three lines and exactly 17 syllables.  The first and last lines deal with stable and secure conditions while the middle one interrupts with a changing image of some sort.  It’s not the meat but the motion since the rhythm of the haiku is said to have the ability to instill serenity as well as to calm and relax.  A perfect poem for today.

SEPTEMBER 28/29   ……….   Okay, are you ready?  The Sun is really hot under the collar and so is opposing surprising (and surprised!)O Uranus while also being searing mad at Pluto during these dark days too.  The to top it off the aggressive Aries Full Moon on the second of these two tense days just caps off the volatility, drama, anxiety and angst.  Keep a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy handy.  Accent on that second word of that life-saving flower essence.  Four drops under the tongue, four times a day.  Washed down by Rhodiola and magnesium.  That should do it.  That should DO YOU!

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Shuistrology for September 2012

Want to know what the stars have aligned for you this month? Check out this shuistrology report from Ellen Whitehurst, find your sign and see what September has in store! Cheers!


Your Stars:
The Sun and Moon hanging out and hooking up in your 6th House of Health and Work this month blesses you with some strong and overarching feelings of empowerment and success! This should be a terrific month too for you to mine your powers of creativity as well in order to find new answers to old dilemmas. And then make those old and upsetting energies go far, far away. Truly, if you simply solidify your intentions and focus your own energies on one particularly positive goal you just simply won’t believe how quickly September allows you to accomplish and achieve it too! And that accomplishment could just come with some cash and coin attached as well! But finances aren’t the focus of this month. No, rather, aligning your focus with your own freedom will lead to some interesting and independent developments. Except now, in September, the cost of freedom won’t be too steep for you to afford as this is a simply ideal month to restore and revisit a brand new and more passionate sense of self. Now, it’s not going to be all independence and alignment since you may also find that communications require a bit more courage in September – particularly where articulating your emotions, wants and needs to a certain someone is concerned. But you are being offered an astrological opportunity to open up and share away on one specific and spectacular day! In fact this one day practically promises to take some of the smoke off an often overly heated situation. Look, I get it that you feel like everything is always and ever-changing and that you can’t really find your solid footing (yet), but, if you take time to process all the recent transformation and also take advantage of this one sensational communicative day then you might just well find the balance that you seek. Want to know what day will bring the balance and opportunities to align with same? Read on.


Your Stars:
You are going to be given a new sense of stability and freedom in September Taurus and just in time too eh? I know that you’ve been thinking that nothing much ever changes for the BIG and the better especially after some of the twists and turns of the last few months, but I promise that the difficulties, challenges and obstacles you have been facing lately are now all about to disappear! Poof! Just like that. In fact, the Sun and Mercury conjunct and transiting your 5th House of True Love/Romance/Pleasure will fill your month with possibility and potential to increase each of those agendas and intentions too. More love. More romance. More pleasure. Even more creativity. And many more opportunities to communicate all same. But you simply must be sure to communicate with meaning, truth and authenticity or risk the rewards that this month brings. It’s time Taurus, time to step up and express yourself in order to obtain your heart’s desires. Kick off the Autumn by boldly finding new ways to attract attention to your hopes and dreams and you will finally feel what it’s like to reach a deeply desired goal. And then there is that one day – – you know the one – – the one that sweetens everything it touches and simply melts in your mouth. You have that day coming to you in September. A day that will strengthen your relationships and put truly supportive (and influential!) people on your path. Want to know when you can expect to open your heart to waves and waves of happiness? Read on.


Your Stars:
You’ll be beset by exciting energies this month that will pull your attention away from the daily grind and plant you squarely on the center stage of different levels of awareness and insights. Although it might get a bit hot under the spotlight and under your collar as well, the drama you’ll be starring in won’t actually end up being all that bad. In fact, even though September will be rife with relationship issues and concerns there are opportunities for healing, especially through honest and authentic communications. The Sun and Mercury moving through your House of Home brings opportunities for you to fully focus on home and family agendas. Especially early on. But these two planets can also, as previously mentioned, repair and renovate any emotionally charged issues hanging around your house as well. In fact-finding constructive solutions to problems that have been plaguing you in regards to both your home and your work will be the order of the month as September will encourage you to be the architect of a more fabulous future as you start to build, in earnest, your own better life blueprint. Just remember that you can’t please all of the people all of the time and, well, during certain days this month you just might not please anybody at all at any time. Oh well. Is what is. And, then, there are a couple of days in September when your optimism will be unbridled (rightly so!) and fortune and luck fill you with joy! You will just need to be very careful that you don’t get so caught up in all the exciting vibes that you bite off more than you can chew. Want to know when you’re going to be sitting and feeding from a banquet of blessings? Read on.


Your Stars:
Considerate choices and thoughtful decisions will both play prominent roles in the energies seemingly hurtling at you at warp speed in September Cancer. With so much emphasis and energy happening in every one of your communications sectors you will most assuredly need to use your head in order to try to stay ahead – – of everyday life that is. You can expect to experience an increase in your workload but that will come hand in hand with achieving some spectacular successes on the job front as well. You may find that travel bug bites you this month too so go ahead and scratch that itch as you pack up your worries and focus on forging into the future. Yup, yup, without any question you will be blessed with both growing mojo and momentum in September especially when the Sun shines so brilliantly on your 3rd House of All Things Communications! You are getting set to go around yet another new learning curve but the heights that curve can take you to will be dizzying! And speaking of curves, try your best to stay ahead of the ones that might not allow you to see all the pesky daily details lying in wait (and desperately needing to be attended to!) because it will only be once you handle all the minutia of your daily life that September will really open up and offer more energy, more alchemy and a whole lot more magic. Now, if the whole magic thing is appealing to you then you’re going to want to make sure that you have your top hat, rabbit and wand at the ready when a few really spectacular days drizzle all sorts of good stuff all over you. Want to know when? Read on.


Your Stars:
Oh Leo! OH OH OH LEO! Charm! Charisma! Confidence! In fact, this month you are a force of attraction so magnetic that no one and/or nothing can resist you! If you have someone of influence or someone important that you want or need to impress, well, there will simply be no better time to do that than right NOW! You should be feeling uplifted and optimistic – – full and flowing with invaluable and exciting insights and ideas as well! As if that weren’t enough you will have a ridiculous amount of fortune and luck on your side this September too. The Sun in Mercury transiting your 2nd House of Income lends some shiny energies to this pretty golden month just in case you were wondering if money were going to add to the excitement.. This planetary pairing is additionally intimating that it’s time to increase the return on ALL of your investments as well as how you spend your time and talents too. Once you assess and evaluate how you can better employ your own skills (and skyrocketing appeal!) then you will also be able to start solidifying plans for a more fab future. This is THE month when a fair amount of recognition for your talents can take you to greater and greater heights while also motivating you to make the most of them! Plainly put you are so sparkling and so dazzling this month that even Cartier can’t compete. SHINE LEO SHINE! Oh, and did you want to know which day you’ll shine like the Sun? The day when Venus makes you so alluring that a tempting romance takes you to places that you didn’t think possible? You want to know what day(s) those energies will entice? Read on.


Your Stars:
Wowza Virgo is this ever going to be a very HAPPY birthday month for you! Expansion and initiative or just two of the critical keywords that will define all the positive energies making you so darn attractive and even more popular during these empowering days! You are set to enjoy and embrace a strong(er) sense of purpose in September while also putting plans into action for a lighter and much, much, much brighter future. Therefore it’s going to be so important for you to stay focused and not get distracted this month because all that determination, creativity, cohesion, mental acuity and, of course, perseverance WILL pay off! Precision, detail and great insights and understanding make you shine so much that you’re going to attract some new and interesting people into your life – – maybe even some characters who come bearing gold, frankincense and myrrh. Well, okay, probably not those last two things. However, money, fortune and luck are definitely on your early Autumn agenda as well so do be sure to engage in activities that support your ambitions and longer term goals so that you can soon enjoy some spectacular short-term success! You actually have the ability to come across completely confident AND convincing as you express yourself – – as well as your dreams and desires and, well, if any of those dreams and desires involve travel, personal growth, wealth and or study then boy oh boy did you ever come to the right place! And it’s called September! And then there is the one spectacular day that signals the start of something sensation and new. This day will offer fresh and fantastic energies that can affect your personal purpose and your path for the next twelve months to come. Want to know when to welcome all this progress and to get out and promote yourself? Read on!


Your Stars:
Oh Libra, this transitional and transformational month allows you to spend some serious downtime alone – while also plotting and planning your success-full future. Taking advantage of these lower energy and relaxing vibes will be critical in September so that you can figure out how to infuse and embed all the fantasies you are having about your future into the reality of your everyday life. This will take some creativity and imagination and, you got it, some special time to dream those desires into being. Of course there are still those same pesky partnering energies affecting your love life and, as usual, I am going to have to insist that you pull your pretty head out of the clouds and try to deal with this agenda in the here and now. Because if you address these as yet (still) unresolved emotional issues in September you are sure to spend the rest of this autumn season taking a break from the usual suspects and the pressures that can (and usually do) come calling with them. And then there will be that interesting, influential and impact-full stranger who could open your eyes to new experiences and who might also introduce you to exciting opportunities to reap positive results and rewards on quite a few different fronts. Be a bit more introspective in September and you will gain greater insights and inspirations in order to restore your faith in both humanity and yourself. Now, amid all these efforts at balancing your logic with your increased and enhanced sense of intuition, there are a fabulous few days when that aforementioned ‘stranger’ can really take you by surprise and you might even unexpectedly connect with some new and exciting relationships and social/professional networking connections too! And there’s money to be made! Making it and making the most of what you already have going on will be on your September ‘To Do’ but meeting that special someone should be at the top of that list too. Want to when to dress to impress? Read on!


Your Stars:
I can’t tell what you’re going to see more of in September Scorpio, good news or optimism, because, well, BOTH will be abounding and coming from and to you in spades. That’s not the only GOOD NEWS that I have for you either. This month will also be offering tons of opportunities to take total advantage of ALL of your gifts and skills and talents too. And those efforts are getting set to reap some really impressive recognition and, appropriately, some interesting and well deserved rewards too. You should be able to assert yourself so much more than usual and now is the month for you to make a mark on your whole big, wide world. In fact motivation and ambition will both join forces at this time to connect you with more drive and determination while a strong sense of higher purpose pushes through the month as well. You gain an understanding in regards to the rough patches you’ve experienced of late and what those lessons meant to and for you. This understanding then offers you opportunities to be able to apply these teachings to your everyday experiences in order so that you can easily embrace the freedom and sweet relief September shares. As usual though, there is one spectacularly crazy great day when pleasure, joy, creativity and camaraderie all rise up to meet you and take you to dizzying heights of delight. Can’t wait any longer to find out when that and all the other remarkable days will fill your heart and maybe even your bank account too? Read on!


Your Stars:
Your career comes front and center this month Sag, even if much of the more excellent activity is happening behind the scenes. As we both know, reinvention is always the BEST revenge and so this month you should get ready to be very, very vengeful. But in a grand and good way. You’re finally going to find the support you’ve been seeking to take your ideas and your efforts in a new and different direction – – one that will put you on a far more pleasing, profitable and purposeful path. If anything about any of this has been bubbling up in the back of your mind and you’ve been keeping your dreams, your desires and your plans a secret then now would be the time to take this information out of your heart/head and into the real world. Yes, yes, Sag, this month you will see the Sun shining a bright light on both your career as well as allowing you to expand your horizons. There is almost no more important time this year for you to blend your expertise, your clarity of vision and your focused energy with a dedication to completing your responsibilities. This partnering and pairing of these characteristics and qualities will not only bring you new contacts and connections but could also predicate and/or promise more popularity and possibly a lucrative deal as well! Either way, this month you will be getting noticed by the powers that be and they like what they see. Now speaking of liking, or, in this case, LOVING what you see (and hear and smell and taste and…and….and….) there is one specific day this month that practically promises you a wish fulfilled. If you can use this day to prioritize and put all your focus on one dearly held dream and/or goal you can move heaven and earth and make it come true. I love days like that. You will too. Want to know when you’ll be feeling all that love and more? Read on.


Your Stars:
Oh dear me Capricorn, I LOVE when I start to see both love and money coming anyone’s way but when I see it coming through abundantly as it is this month for you I am THRILLED to share. Now, speaking of thrilling, you are attracting much more than money this month when sensual and sexy energies bring you opportunities to activate your heart’s desires. Literally. You are going to start to finally see your projects and your plans shift and move forward so you will also then be allowed to restructure and rebuild any parts of your life that need reinventing. You will also find that your mind is opening to new ideas as well as more expanded and broader view of your whole world. New ideas and new and more creative approaches to the pursuit of your goals (especially if those same goals have ANYTHING to do with publishing) can/will inspire you with fresh insights and opportunities too. Now is the month to look for ‘the next big thing’ which will involve some sort of big change. You will be making huge ‘moves’ now, possibly even entering an entirely new environment – – or two. And then there is that one spectacularly sparkling and FIVE STAR day that you can look forward to that promises gifts of love and/or money could start to flow steadily and smoothly – – a day that will put some particular plans right in front of you that will fuel and fill you with hope, optimism and, yes, love! You REALLY need to know when this most wonderful day will fall, so, read on!


Your Stars:
You’ve done ALL the background work Aquarius. You’ve dreamed the big dream, you’ve created your intentions, your visions boards and you’ve even actually challenged and then changed your belief system. Yup, yup, you did ALL the right things to build your ‘castle in the sky’ and, so, now, this month, it’s time to start building a more concrete foundation right here on terra firma! Those other inner life activities have set the magic in motion and now it’s time for you to be ACTIVELY engaged and involved with the outer opportunities, results and, yes, even rewards! I can’t be more clear that September is the month to stop daydreaming and to start communicating, although, there is nervousness and anxiety where moving forward and ALL of those energies potentially infringing on your individual freedoms are concerned. That’s because partnering (on both a personal and a professional level) is one of the key themes overriding your entire month. You’re about to find out just how well you are connected with many different partners on a financial as well as on emotional AND intuitive levels too. So, September says that YOU will have A LOT to say this month and getting those messages across to all the right people and partners is going to be your ticket to financial freedom, victory and success. And even though you face some truly hard work ahead there is definitely reward (and a light at the end of that tunnel at the end of this month) to keep you motivated, inspired and enthused. Now, it’s not all going to be rolling up your sleeves so you can put your nose to the grindstone (or something like that.) No siree – – September holds two of the most glorious days you might get this year. And guess what? They are FILLED to overflowing with pleasures, extravagance and extra special good times rolling. Want to know when you’ll be able to rock it out? Read on.


Your Stars:
Simply put Pisces, September is going to be one of the best months of this whole year for you and ALL of your relationships. Your popularity skyrockets and soars and people climb out of the woodwork to support you. With a tremendous emphasis on communications in September too Pisces your words could actually establish a deep and abiding connection(s) for during the month as well! In fact using the right words this during these halcyon days could make such a permanent impression on someone(s) that you could also see the start or beginning of a blessed and beneficial alliance. This will simply be the most excellent time to bring clarity into ALL of your relationships on every conceivable level. You should see opportunities arise for you to offer service to others through your heart as well as through your mind. Any charity work that you undergo at this time will be both rewarding and fulfilling, but, truly it’s your uncanny and almost magical ability to negotiate and network that will prove the most invaluable to you now. Keep your enthusiasm, your optimism and your energy balanced and flowing as you endeavor to make some important new decisions. Of course there will be one FIVE STAR DAY (!!!) will get a glimpse of some spectacular and bigger, better days to come. That sneak peek is enough to encourage you onward especially where your career is concerned. Positive and pleasurable are just two of the hallmarks of these sensational day, especially if you play your cards right. Want to know when to expect attention and intrigue? Read on.