Felt Good To Say

I wrote this poem a year ago when I was trying to climb out of my sea of misery after a break-up. In this moment of getting back to my poetry roots, I realized that the all too natural reaction to bottle up certain feelings was something that has gotten me into trouble all too many times. I was reminded that even if those feeling aren’t voiced out loud to anyone else, sometimes it’s good to just get them out there for myself. If you can relate, shoot me an email with your story of how you were able to heal from your own pain.

I don’t mourn the loss of you

I mourn the broken possibilities

Of a future dreamed together

I won’t let you tear me down

Into pieces for your garden

Of thorns and recycled lies

You won the battle of getting

What you want, but for getting

What you need, baby I won the war

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The beauty of love is that it can be formed and reformed. The pain of love is that it is as fragile as clay. This is a poem I wrote about my feelings about love. Enjoy!

We all start as a ready glob

Waiting to be formed

Some are shaped by experiences

Some shaped by the people

We let in by our need

We are hardened by the fire

Of expectations and disappointment

We require special handling

For we all break

Some, more easily than others

Some, when dropped

Crumble to pieces

Will it be too late to be reshaped

Or are we now the sand

Of time and waiting