Basic Etiquette

This week’s post by staff writer Stephanie Becerra is brought to you by a few creepy/stalkerish incidents her best friend has recently undergone. Just in case anyone does not know this by now; here are a few etiquette details we hope might help someone out one day. Spread the word please and thank you:


1. Do NOT tell someone you’ve very recently met, that you’ve been “watching” them. Sounds funny, can also be creepy as hell when it’s true.
2. Do NOT keep talking to a stranger if they give you any kind of social cue to stop talking; not responding, turning away, walking away, saying stop, batting an eyelash in Morse code, ANYTHING.
3. Freaking NO means freaking NO.
4. If you and your friends outnumber a stranger and it’s past 8 PM, do NOT encircle that person because it can be intimidating.
5. Hollering from the passenger side of your best friend’s ride is only acceptable when you know the person you’re screaming at.
6. Do NOT follow a person you do not know. It is illegal and scary.

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