An Ode to Self

To myself, a dream to gain more opportunities.

To my mind, a thought to keep calm.

To my heart, a memory to keep warm.

To my hands, an action to show appreciation.

To my eyes, a sight to give hope.

To my lips, a kiss to drown out everything except that moment.

To my feet, a path to a higher truth.

To my back, strength to carry whatever burden I might have to carry

To my whole body, respect to never settle for anything less than all I deserve.

Quote of the Day

True strength is not measured in physical forbearance; it is measured by how much your mind can hold, your heart can give, and your hands can act in selflessness. It’s not about how fast you rise from the ashes; but how much you have learned before you are reborn, and how long you can keep standing while remembering that no matter how many times you fall you can always rise again as long as while you’re down you take what you need from the hard times and leave what will always keep you from reaching your full potential.

A Tribute To Whitney Houston

Most of us at some time or other have experienced a love that has been so strong, so overwhelming that for better or worse we know that it will remain part of us for as long as we live. That love has usually been made stronger by the pain and heartbreak experienced as much if not more than the joy. If we are lucky, when we find the person we know we will love forever, it will be with the knowledge that they will love us forever with a fullness and purity to light the future.

In tribute to Whitney Houston, I would like to share the song “I Will Always Love You”, a song known for it’s strength in showing just how much a heart can hold and give.