When An Ex Calls

Staff writer Rigby Rat’s post for this week discusses what might happen when an ex becomes a blip on the radar again and tries to be more. Have you had a “when an ex calls” moment?
If you’re in a relationship and the ex calls, don’t answer.  Why?  Because the ex wants something.  What?  Usually, to get back together with you.  Why?  More than likely his/her relationship just ended and he/she thinks you’re fool enough to fall for his/her chicanery while he/she sits and waits at the curb.

The ex’s drill will be:  “I miss you.  I love you.  We had a really good thing.  Can I see you?  Blah, blah, blah.”

Unless the back of your shirt says ACME GARBAGE DISPOSAL, like I said, don’t answer the phone.  Leave him/her at the curb for some other dope to scrape up.  And if you just had a fight with your mate and you’re angry and feel tempted to talk with the ex – I have two words for you – grow up.

When an ex calls, he/she is not thinking about you.  He/she is only thinking about his/her sorry, lonely ass.  In addition, the ex has no respect for you, for your lover, or your relationship.  Is this REALLY the kind of louse you want to talk with?  One that’s going to ruin your life and eventually send YOU to the curb one day?  I thought not.

Advice: When it comes to an ex, never go backwards to move forward.

And remember: If the ex was that good for you, you’d still be together.