How to Get the Girl and/or Boy

We’ve all wondered at a plan of attack for getting the guy or girl that’s caught our eye. This week’s post by staff writer Stephanie Becerra gives us that plan. Enjoy!


So there’s a boy (or girl) at your school, dentist’s office, living under a bridge whatever. You’ve noticed the object of your affection for a long time now and every time you’re within close proximity, there’s a lot of looking – then looking away just as quickly. You assume that you have  made your interest quite clear and cannot understand why this person does not get the hint. Well, if you are anything like me and you’re interested in someone, you will probably just do the look, then look quickly away thing and blush and forget how to form a proper sentence in English when around them. However, there are apparently better ways to go about talking to someone who you are potentially interested in that do not involve you looking like you’re missing a couple of brain cells. Who knew?


Strike up a conversation.

Maybe you’ve noticed that he/she is always carrying around a certain book or wearing a bracelet proclaiming the charity of the month they support. Ideally, you will have something in common with whoever you’re interested in, but if worse comes to worse, there’s always Google for you to be able to look up said book or charity so you will have an opener when attempting to speak to this person. Common interests are usually a must and will help you engage.


Create a tentative friendship.

The key to forming any sort of lasting bond with someone is friendship. After getting over your paralyzing fear of talking to the person you’re interested in, try to fall into an easy pattern of friendship. There is no need to rush into anything and it’s always better to get to know someone before beginning anything romantically. Plus this will build the foundation on which a romantic relationship can form.


Pounce on them.

No don’t do that. Unless there’s been very clear and specific signals to do just that, then by all means go for it. Feel the person out. More often than not, you will know if someone is interested in you and if not, you can always just plain out ask. You may be rejected or you may not, but at least you’ll know. And if anything, you’ll have gotten a friend out of the whole experience.


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