As morning dawned, Emma felt full of energy in spite of little sleep due to her constant thoughts of Gabe and their impending first date. “God, I’m acting like a teenage girl with her first crush!”, Emma muttered to herself. But she just didn’t care. This was the first time in years she felt quite like this and she liked it. “Hmm, I wonder what Gabe’ll cook up for our date…”, Emma mused. As her imagination took over in think of just what she’d be in for in a couple of days, Emma prepared for her day and got ready to go to work at the advertising firm she worked for.

A few blocks away in another apartment, Gabe was finishing his first cup of coffee and preparing to pour his second as classical music wafted softly through the air and his laptop hummed waiting for him to continue working on his new book. He had been incredibly productive since like Emma, he hadn’t slept much either and had been already writing for the day since about 6am. He hummed along to the piece currently playing on one of his Pandora classical stations he usually played while he wrote and walked back over to his desk thinking about the night before with. Emma. He grinned thinking of her laugh and the way the little dimple in her left cheek winked at his whenever she was amused. “Yep,”, Gabe thought to himself. “I’m falling hard and fast for this one.” But he had to admit, it didn’t worry him nearly as much as it would have in the past. In fact, he couldn’t wait for his first date with Emma and the only thing he did regret was setting it for Saturday rather Friday. Oh well, there was nothing he could do about it now except be patient and use the extra day to make Saturday perfect. Gabe couldn’t remember the last time he wanted to try so hard to impress a girl, but something told him that Emma was definitely worth it. Gabe smiled and went right back to work writing someone else’s love story while he contemplated the start of his own.