Quote of the Day

I dream, not to escape reality but to plot out different scenarios for my future. I keep going, not to prove anything to others but to finish what I start and show myself how far I’ve come. I listen more than I speak, not because I don’t have anything to say but to hear everything, the spoken and unspoken. I fight, not for sake of violence but for the sake of my convictions. I hold, not to touch but to heal. I know, not because I all-knowing but because I allow myself to remain a student even while I teach. I understand, not because I know but because I remain open to feel.

An Ode to Self

To myself, a dream to gain more opportunities.

To my mind, a thought to keep calm.

To my heart, a memory to keep warm.

To my hands, an action to show appreciation.

To my eyes, a sight to give hope.

To my lips, a kiss to drown out everything except that moment.

To my feet, a path to a higher truth.

To my back, strength to carry whatever burden I might have to carry

To my whole body, respect to never settle for anything less than all I deserve.

Chasing a Dream

We can all relate to feeling as if love is just within our grasp, that if we try a little harder everything will be alright. We take the leap into love waiting for the one we love to leap after us; but more times than not, we go tumbling down alone. In some cases, dreams can be attained with hard work and a little luck; but we have to ask ourselves, are we being realistic in what we want to obtain or are we chasing a dream?

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