Empowering Days of September 2012

Want to know when you might be able to get a cosmic boost and what days to watch your “P’s and Q’s”? Then read this month’s report from shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst! Enjoy!
Shift happens.  In September.  A Sybil of a September if I ever did see on.  Two distinct personalities will emerge now putting decidedly different faces on a month that will have many.  The top of the month will make you smile as it helps to end the waves of indecision that we’ve all been wading through all summer long.  The bottom will unmask and awaken forward movement and help take action on important choices.  Choices the shove us all off the fence.  I don’t know about you but my ass was getting sore straddling anyway.  Consequences come home to roost so word watching will be critical now too.  Personal relationships as well as large-scale socio and political allegiances / alliances support new and more stable systemic changes.  But that don’t mean they’ll be easy my friends.  Now, don’t get me wrong, instability still rules as we continue our continual and long-term transformation affecting the top one percent vs. the other 99 of us.  But this month we reach the proverbial fork in road.  Chill won’t be so much in the air as it is the advice that will bring you safely through the last few days.  BIG decisions should be made early on especially while all those alliances, allegiances and relationships are in flux.  CREATE your future as opposed to boo hoo’ing about being the victim of it.  Don’t you want conditions to improve?  Yeah, me too.  THIS is the month you can consciously create that progress.  The stalemate, impasse and indecision is OVER.  Pay attention to your bottom line in order to have the upper hand come the rest of this year.  Long term financial plans take precedence over short sightedness and just plain sticking your head in the sand.  Even if it is the end of summer.  Unravel any misunderstandings with family and close friends or untie the cords and move on.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.So, then, economics, grassroots or otherwise, and DECISION are the overriding and sometimes overwhelming themes of this month.  Best advice I offer is to think outside the box during the end of month Grand Square.  Do best to take care of personal financially related obligations while watching changes in social programs that offer well fare to the masses undergo a tremendous, well, shift.  Because in September, shift happens.

Now, speaking of shifts, or LACK thereof, hey Ben Bernanke, have you ever heard the colloquial definition of insanity?  Now, I’m not only hoarding food and water (think September and storms on the East Coast – oh, okay, think ‘Drought 2012 too) but I’ll have to keep an eye on all my Monopoly money since someday soon that will be worth more than the fiat the Fed is constantly printing out.  Stay in gold.  Stay away from the market that shares and shows such bearish divergence between our brothers across all the ponds and the ones who are sitting and putting the printing presses to use.  Appears they’re all washing down magical mushrooms with ‘the’ Kool-Aid anyway.  All that glitters is still where you should be investing.  But you already knew I was going to say that because if you’d been acting on this advice all during the past few years I’ve been offering it than you’re more than likely already worth your weight in it.  While all the rest of us are falling off the fence, Wall Street Journal reporters Damien Paletta and Sara Murray warn of “falling off a fiscal cliff.”  So, yeah, there IS that.  Like I said (million$ of times over) all that glitters….yeah, yeah,you get the sparkly rest.

Oh and just as a quick reminder, Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day.  Just sayin’.  Here now, what to expect when you’re expecting shifts, decisions and a kick ass Grand Cross:

SEPTEMBER 1   ………   Mercury the Messenger is opposing nebulous, foggy and cloudy thinking Neptune so then a perfect day to spend inside your own imagination!  Dream.  Create.  Wish.  Up there in your head.  You will have time enough in a week or so to take these dreams, wishes and creations out into the real world.  Today is NOT that day.  Today IS however a day to try something out of the ordinary.  Taking a different route to work.  Drinking tea instead of morning coffee.  Switching up dinner with breakfast.  Any or every time you do something outside your regular routine you activate your imagination.  Or you could climb over the footboard to get yourself out of bed.  That’s considered REALLY good luck.  Imagination, wishing, creating – – now there’s a day I dream about!

SEPTEMBER 2   ………   Venus squaring off against pissy Saturn could cause the family and friends to need you a whole lot more than the partner.  But, unfortunately, the partner doesn’t know that you can’t be in fifteen places at one time.  Give yourself a time out.  Take a balance bath.  From the peels of nine oranges get nine quarter-sized and rounded pieces of the peels.  You can do whatever you wish with the rest of the oranges.  Let the 9 pieces of peels soak in a tepid bath for at least twenty minutes.  When ready to soak, fill the tub with water to your temperature liking and stay in the bath for twenty minutes at least.  When you pull that plug KNOW that negativity and whining should all now do down the drain and that you’ll now be back to your brilliant and beautiful self.

SEPTEMBER  3   ………   Entrepreneurial Mars is making hay with powerful purpose driven Pluto.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  And a practically perfect day to devise a plan to improve your financial situation, boost your bank account and/or increase your income.  Any or all of those efforts taken today will eventually pay off in a big BIG way.  Put an image of flowing water (including abundant white foam and open, expansive views) anywhere immediately INSIDE the front entryway door.  You can leave it there for 27 days or until waves and waves of opportunities improve your finances, boost your bank account and increase your income.  Word.

SEPTEMBER 4   ………   Ohhhh, this one’s a keeper!  Mercury the Messenger is making all nicey nice with the planet that influences your personal power, Pluto!  What a great day to embrace engaging and optimistic inspirations and ideas and then to share them with the ‘powers’ that be.  Those in authority will be all ears AND all support today.  Take advantage.  Schedule an interview, presentation or you could even connect with some intentional networking as well.  Either way this day is HOT so don’t forget to light those nine red candles in the ‘FAME’ area of your home and/or office.  Light them and declare your intention aloud.  Then blow them all out and BURN BABY BURN!

SEPTEMBER 5   ………   Mercury the Messenger is SEXtiling aggressive and entrepreneurial Mars.  See yesterday’s device and stay lit!

SEPTEMBER 12   ………   DING!  DING!  DING!!!  SUPER STELLAR DAY!  Now, you know you can’t get access to this info anywhere BUT inside my free monthly newsletter so get on over to www.ellenwhitehurst.com and sign up!  You simply won’t want to miss this month’s info, in fact, I can guarantee you’re going to LOVE (!!!!!) it!  Really and truly LOVE it!

SEPTEMBER 18   ………   Uh oh.  Are you listening to me here?  UH OH.  Stay on the down low because there just won’t be any up high.  Nope, nope, nothing heading up or getting high at all.  Unless, well……Although Pluto has been retrograding for what seems like forever and although that power planet turns direct today, well, that news is being waaaaay overshadowed by a SHOCKING Uranus squaring off against Pluto and all that power.  Shit surge.  And mark my words, something happens on a societal and/or global scale to shake things up during these shaky days.  You need to stay grounded, steer clear of the drama and breathe!  Standing with arms outstretched, palms facing slightly up and feet planted firmly on the ground, breathe in through the mouth.  Fill the belly and then blow out through the mouth like you’re whistling.  Twenty seconds after each exhale:  “Universal Life Force energy flows through me now.  I feel it.”  Wait twenty seconds and repeat.  Four rounds should get you good and grounded.  You’ll thank me later.

SEPTEMBER 20   ………   Mercury opposing Uranus.  Mercury square Pluto.  Mercury needs therapy  and should leave the rest of us alone.  But until Mercury scores some Zanax and chills you might want to have lots of green all around you.  Healing, stress-relieving green.  Sleep on green sheets.  Water your green plants.  Show them some love and inhale their color with our eyes.  For today, the wearin’ of the green just might mean the difference between being lucky and being loco.  Choose luck.

SEPTEMBER 26   ………Previously rampaging and pissy Mercury (now in treatment) trines generous, expansive and jubilant Jupiter.  That’s better.  Oh and Mercury’s trine the moon too.  Finally a day to intentionally align with accord and cooperate with compassion.  Don’t get too too comfortable though as this is the port in the pending storm.  That’s right – the worst of this wave is yet to come.  So all the more reason to take today’s energies to heart and take a break.  Read haiku.  That’s right.  See, traditional haiku writings/poems contain three lines and exactly 17 syllables.  The first and last lines deal with stable and secure conditions while the middle one interrupts with a changing image of some sort.  It’s not the meat but the motion since the rhythm of the haiku is said to have the ability to instill serenity as well as to calm and relax.  A perfect poem for today.

SEPTEMBER 28/29   ……….   Okay, are you ready?  The Sun is really hot under the collar and so is opposing surprising (and surprised!)O Uranus while also being searing mad at Pluto during these dark days too.  The to top it off the aggressive Aries Full Moon on the second of these two tense days just caps off the volatility, drama, anxiety and angst.  Keep a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy handy.  Accent on that second word of that life-saving flower essence.  Four drops under the tongue, four times a day.  Washed down by Rhodiola and magnesium.  That should do it.  That should DO YOU!

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