You Sounded Wonderful…Until Your Interests Made Me Uncomfortable…

Oops I did it again…no, not referring to my mini Britney Spears karaoke moment right there but my own situation with just this problem. I had a posting online looking for a movie friend, nothing more nothing less. Enter email response from interesting and seemingly interested visitor from out-of-town male. He was interested until he really paid attention to the signature line of my emails. In my signature line, I identify myself as a relationship blogger and have a link to my site. Once noticed, the guy changes his interest and decides to move on. Does the guy have a right to change his mind? Yes. Am I annoyed that what changed his mind was the reality of my relationship blog? Again, yes and let me tell you why. Yes I have a relationship blog, but I don’t actively talk about it and have it be my main focus of conversation. If it comes up, I’ll talk about it and move on to other things about myself and bring the conversation to information about my companion. Do I use my own life and experiences as subject matter? All the time. As a person who has set herself up to give advice, I can really only offer my own point of view on things mostly based on my observations and my experiences. Are these views wrong? No, they’re not for everyone. Everyone has their own opinions and right to express them. Sometimes they mesh with someone else’s views, more times than not, they differ. Am I disappointed that my interests turned this guy off? Sure, but the practical side of me realizes that there are plenty of available fish in the sea and I just have to continue being patient until I land the big one. Happy weekend and happy fishing everyone!


The beauty of love is that it can be formed and reformed. The pain of love is that it is as fragile as clay. This is a poem I wrote about my feelings about love. Enjoy!

We all start as a ready glob

Waiting to be formed

Some are shaped by experiences

Some shaped by the people

We let in by our need

We are hardened by the fire

Of expectations and disappointment

We require special handling

For we all break

Some, more easily than others

Some, when dropped

Crumble to pieces

Will it be too late to be reshaped

Or are we now the sand

Of time and waiting