Take a Break from Technology

Hi all, here’s the latest offering from staff writer, Stephanie Becerra about the importance of having healthy communication boundaries in relationships. For those of you who are maybe a little too connected to your significant other, this one is for you!


Social media, technology and the internet has completely redefined how relationships evolve. In the days of old when you wanted to reach your significant other, you would call their house phone and they would either pick up or not. Now if you want to reach someone, there are about ten avenues of communication you can try. We have become accessible 24/7 and it has changed the dynamics of relationships today.


Many people would view the evolving technological advances as a positive to our society as a whole but I disagree. All this instant communication has caused people to become paranoid and hyper-aware of their partner’s every move. I have had many a conversation with friends about, why isn’t he calling me back? I text him and I saw on Facebook that he’s just sitting at home. What’s going on? These multiple avenues of communication have made it virtually impossible to have a moment of peace and quiet. While constantly communicating with your significant other is nice, it is also healthy to have some time for yourself as well.


If you text, call or email your boyfriend/girlfriend and they don’t answer right away, don’t assume a zombie apocalypse has occurred and they were tragically one of the victims. And likewise, don’t spend all your time trying to constantly figure out where and what your partner is doing. Time apart to do the things that each of you enjoy is healthy.


So be healthy and put your phone down, don’t check Facebook every two seconds and take a time out from technology to just look up at the sky. You’ll see that it is wondrous and you’ll be more appreciative of your surroundings and in turn, more appreciative of your partner as well.