Be Merry, Be Gay

This week’s post by staff writer Frank Friedlander focuses on gay marriage.

So one topic that everyone seems to have a strong opinion on today is gay and lesbian marriage. So strong of an opinion that it often dictates how they will vote in an election, regardless of that fact that they live in a rusted trailer and the candidate they’re backing in no other way benefits them. Others are compelled to protest, and even resort to violence.

While on one hand, I could say that why should it matter to gay and lesbian couples of they are married in the eyes of the government so long as they are together and living the lifestyle of a married couple, there are benefits. Depending on the state one lives in, there are Gay marriages, domestic partnerships, and civil unions, each offering their own set of benefits. Such benefits include insurance benefits, tax purposes, and in some states, medical decisions, all rights that they should be offered to any couple which chosen to marry.

Personally, I feel as though if two people are in love, and want to be with each other forever, and let the government cash in, more power to them. This being said, my opinion on it really isn’t that strong. Why? Because I’m an American, and it doesn’t affect me either way in the slightest. Nobody gets hurt. The government gets extra taxes from them, and everyone gets to live happily ever after. Perhaps adopt a few children from a third world country that would otherwise live in squalor.

Now what I do not understand is those who have these strong anti-gay marriage stance. Do they not have anything else to worry about? It’s one thing to be against the lifestyle. Everyone has a right to their opinion no matter how bizarre, bigoted, or flat-out ignorant it may be. Another aspect of the American way. Furthermore,  I’m somewhat baffled by these backwoods meatballs who dedicate their entire lives to stopping it. Even those who attempt to “cure gayness.” personally, I’d like to meet the scientists with the “anti gay” operation, or serum or whatever it is and tell them to get to work on curing something more important, like cancer, or AIDS, or stupid.

Let’s be honest, while I’m sure that there are a lot of people with a strong, anti gay stance throughout the country who are otherwise normal people in normal walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Unfortunately for them, the mouthpieces of the movement are those who seem to spend the rest of their spare time preparing for the apocalypse, bottling their own liquor using their own urine, and watching NASCAR on a p 12 inch black and white screen.

Look, I know Jesus said that homosexuality is a sin, despite the fact that there’s nothing on record of Jesus saying anything about that, though his supposed disciples tend to translate his words into whatever they want them to mean. In fact, in Matthew 5:28-30, the basis of those who claim that any pre-marital sex is a sin, all it really seems to disparage is adultery.  Now I’m no Christian, but from what I can piece together from the words that Jesus actually said, the only important thing is how people treat each other. Helping ones brother in any way you can seems to take precedence above all else to him.

I’m not sure to wind this down, but apparently my stance on the topic is stronger than I though. The stance being if something is of no threat to you, just let it be. And to the meatheads missing a noticeable amount I teeth, hair, and sleeves, next time you go out and think that the “gaybird” at next table to tour right is eyeing you up, he’s no more likely to be doing so than is the well dressed woman at the table to your left.