The Loveliness of New

Have¬† you ever met someone that you connected with right away? Have you ever felt that initial impression bringing a smile to your face? Have you felt the surety that what is happening in that time is pure and genuine? Oh new infatuation.¬† That first inkling of promise, the shining hope that this new thing remains as good and as wonderful as it began. I just got to experience that very recently, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have the luxury of at least emailing with this person daily which helps bridge the life/distance gap, and in some ways, keeps things from getting too complicated too fast. I’m not saying to over-think and find a list of everything that could go wrong, but I would say watch the signs. Watch for any red flags and pay attention to what’s being said and unsaid. More times than not, the actions could show way more or way more truthfully what’s really going on in someone’s mind. It’s best to go into every new relationship with eyes wide open, heart leading the way with your brain as your navigation system. As for me with MY new, full steam ahead hoping for all the best.

IS All Fair in Love and War?

IS All Fair in Love and WarI will admit. I like a heated discussion. If a guy is passionate in discussion and in bed, I’m a happy woman. But when heated turns to violent, there’s a serious problem. It is NEVER okay to attack someone to get a point across. True, if it ever gets to that point, the argument that comes to mind is “but they weren’t listening”. But is THAT the message you want to get across? If you’re not doing what I want you to do, then I’ll slap, push, or punch it into you? While I will allow that sometimes our best selves don’t always rise to the fore in the heat of the moment, I don’t justify a forceful physical response to a communication problem. Actions speak louder than words ever could; and once something is done, it can’t be taken back.

I leave you with this question, once a situation escalates to a violent response, can the action be forgiven and forgotten?