Quote of the Day

We do not live in a black and white world. With each passing second, the details shade life in growing colors with more variety than any painter’s palette. When we allow ourselves to choose to take an outlook of a prism, we also widen our understanding of ourselves and others.

Quote of the Day

When we look at our life based on a measuring stick, we focus too much on the inches gained or lost or not changed at all. When you burn the measuring stick and live without limitations, you realize that you have far more mileage in life than you ever dreamed.

When Labor Stops

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful weekend! We’re starting this week off with new guest blogger, Cynae Punch-Brown. Feel free to leave comments and share some follow love! Cheers! 


I can remember (a little too well) when I went into labor. It was a long, painful process that I had been told about, but not really prepared for.  As the baby prepared to come into this world, there were things my body was naturally doing to prepare to propel a little person forward.

In the midst of my labor, my child decided that the world was for chumps, and my womb was the place to be forever. Everything-every contraction, every labor pain just stopped. Just like that, it seemed as though all of the work that I had done for hours on end was for nothing.

As we move towards the actualization of our dreams, sometimes the labor that we have done for days, weeks, months, and even years seems to stop-many times suddenly and without warning.  What we do next makes all the difference in our journey.

While I had a labor plan in place that did not include any help from my doctor, I had to make a decision. Was I going to continue to wait on my original plan to work, or was I going to take the resource that was being offered to me to move things along?  Weary from long labor, I accepted the help. Initially, I was disappointed in myself that I couldn’t make it happen on my own.  Almost instantly, however, I began having full-blown contractions that were honestly more painful than before.  Having to maintain focus on my desired end result, I moved forward in my labor until my little lamb was resting peacefully in my arms.

Sometimes, we confuse a necessary detour, pause, or change in plan as failure.  We lament over what was supposed to be-feeling as if having a little help in our process can somehow take away the fact that we still are the ones putting in the hours of labor.  If anything, our willingness to know when to accept help makes our labor sweeter-it shows us that we have made room in our grand plans to reflect on those pivotal moments when our strategy needs a bit of an addendum to actually help us get to the finish line.

Create avenues in your journey for pause. Don’t be afraid to accept help from those who have a better perspective of different points on our path.  While your labor pains after your detour may initially be more painful than they were when you started, you will be able to propel forward in a way that you may have missed out on had you journeyed alone.  Remember, you don’t want to be exhausted once you cross the line-do whatever it takes to maintain enough energy to enjoy your final outcome.



If you enjoyed this post by Cynae, go check out her site at www.cynaepunchbrown.com.

Quote of the Day

I’m in consistent and active competition with myself. Every second to make sure what I think counts in the next minute, the next minute to count towards my imprint on those I meet, the next hour to show myself that my presence will make a difference to the present and coming days, the next day to keep showing my growth for years to come.

The Year of YOU

Here we are at the end of another year. My how 2013 has flown. I’ve had lots of up and downs in 2013, new living spaces, new jobs, new cars, new love, new heartaches, new strengths. It’s been a rough and bumpy ride, but i can’t say I’d completely change it for a more sunny year. All in all, i feel that even my down times gave me some treasures to take forward into the next stage and year of my life. I’ve learned more about myself and have rediscovered parts of myself that I’ve let go to please others. I don’t believe in resolutions; but if i had to make one, i would say that this year is when i start to do more to please myself. 2014 is the year I start being more selfish. People come and go from your life (as most of us well know); but if you can say at the end of the day that you’re happy with yourself and what you’re doing in your life and where your journey is going, then good for you and carry on! More times than not we get carried away making sure everyone else is okay to the point that we’re last on the list or sometimes not even ranking! It’s time to give yourself permission to “do you”. Go on. Give yourself permission to do as you please and give yourself some happiness. Go on, you know you want to! Happy New Year to all!