Words on the Air

Gotta love that moment when someone you’re interested in makes a comment to you, you hear the wrong thing and comment on it. I am the latest casualty to this faux pas. What was the slip up, you may ask. Well, I happened to be filling in for a colleague named Mary at work and happen to wear a ring on my left ring finger. I thought he asked me if I was married. Weird question to ask of a fellow colleague you know in passing, but I WAS holding up my left hand at the moment to wave at him. Alas, he was only commenting that I am in fact not the person whose desk I was sitting in for a couple of days. I do a somewhat weak bounce back in saying I AM Mary for the next couple of days, but the damage is done and the bounce comes a little too late. Timing is crucial and a non-sleep deprived brain is EVERYTHING. Oh the struggles of trying to find love.


Quote of the Day

I can’t always reveal what I’m going through but know that my private battle will result in victory. I won’t always say what I’m thinking but understand that what I’m not saying is as important. I am loyal to the cause of love, acceptance and support but look within myself to pay it forward to others. I may be faced with many choices but realize that I am daily learning to always choose myself.