The Mouth Speaks But Is the Mind Fully Aware?

We’re all guilty of “foot-mouth syndrome” at some point in time. Sometimes, this is the backhanded compliment when we may actually mean to praise someone for something but end up compounding the type of insult that God Himself is putting His head in His hands over. Other times, it could be literally talking out of our asses because we want to be important and feel as if we always have to contribute something by speaking rather than listening more. I can promise that while yes, there comes a time when it will be necessary for you to render an opinion, that time is NOT 24/7. We can learn a lot from the quiet ones. They sit back and observe, filing away information, getting the full picture and even the bonus image just by being in the background more than having to be front and center. It’s time to take our brains off autopilot and train our mouths to learn the art of tact. I realize it’s a relatively LOST art in these times, but even lost art can be restored to original beauty.

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