Quote of the Day

When we look at our life based on a measuring stick, we focus too much on the inches gained or lost or not changed at all. When you burn the measuring stick and live without limitations, you realize that you have far more mileage in life than you ever dreamed.

Armed with Knowledge and Understanding

I grew up in a rural town in South Carolina where it was definitely not unusual for girls to know how to fish, hunt, and physically defend themselves if necessary. I’ve never hunted in my life. The opportunity never really presented itself; but once I got to adulthood, I did wonder if I should learn how to handle a gun. I was then in a large city and sometimes better safe than sorry became a constant thought in my mind. I’ve been considering this idea of learning how to handle a gun for some years but never really found a class I felt good about acting on until very recently. I found out about Lawson Handgun Institute here in Chicago by a completely different circumstance that had nothing to do with signing up for a class. I found out about it because of the remarkable woman who owns and runs the facility, Colleen Lawson. Colleen is a gun rights and safety advocate who not only provides I place for you to learn how to properly handle a gun in any situation; she also gives tools that go far deeper than your typical gun safety classes. She uses her classes and curriculum to help her students really understand the type of circumstance they might face that would require them to use a gun, how to be able to judge the situation, and how to really feel comfortable in your right to feeling safe. Colleen is one of the most mellow people I’ve ever met and from the moment I met her, I felt everything I’ve read about her as a person as absolute truth. That’s something that can be found in others; but with Colleen, I knew that it was not a façade to get people to purchase her classes, she practices what she preaches. She believes that knowledge and understanding about our feelings in the moment are as important as how we physically handle a weapon and that a cool, level-headedness is every bit as necessary as technical knowledge of guns. If you would like to learn more about what Colleen has going on at the Lawson Handgun Institute, please go check out her website at www.lawsonhandgun.com . Be safe all!

The Mouth Speaks But Is the Mind Fully Aware?

We’re all guilty of “foot-mouth syndrome” at some point in time. Sometimes, this is the backhanded compliment when we may actually mean to praise someone for something but end up compounding the type of insult that God Himself is putting His head in His hands over. Other times, it could be literally talking out of our asses because we want to be important and feel as if we always have to contribute something by speaking rather than listening more. I can promise that while yes, there comes a time when it will be necessary for you to render an opinion, that time is NOT 24/7. We can learn a lot from the quiet ones. They sit back and observe, filing away information, getting the full picture and even the bonus image just by being in the background more than having to be front and center. It’s time to take our brains off autopilot and train our mouths to learn the art of tact. I realize it’s a relatively LOST art in these times, but even lost art can be restored to original beauty.