The Year of YOU

Here we are at the end of another year. My how 2013 has flown. I’ve had lots of up and downs in 2013, new living spaces, new jobs, new cars, new love, new heartaches, new strengths. It’s been a rough and bumpy ride, but i can’t say I’d completely change it for a more sunny year. All in all, i feel that even my down times gave me some treasures to take forward into the next stage and year of my life. I’ve learned more about myself and have rediscovered parts of myself that I’ve let go to please others. I don’t believe in resolutions; but if i had to make one, i would say that this year is when i start to do more to please myself. 2014 is the year I start being more selfish. People come and go from your life (as most of us well know); but if you can say at the end of the day that you’re happy with yourself and what you’re doing in your life and where your journey is going, then good for you and carry on! More times than not we get carried away making sure everyone else is okay to the point that we’re last on the list or sometimes not even ranking! It’s time to give yourself permission to “do you”. Go on. Give yourself permission to do as you please and give yourself some happiness. Go on, you know you want to! Happy New Year to all!

Quote of the Day

Being cheerful is more than showing a smile to the world and saying all the happy words, it’s about shining with an inner peace from the inside out that has nothing to do with anything other than how you and the world resonate with each other. Everything else is just extra.