A Break Is Just a Break Until It Leaves Things Broken

We’re all familiar with the concept of a break-up. It means the ending of one relationship, whether it is amicably or painfully is up to those involved. A break-up is usually the result of a breakdown of some vital piece of the relationship. Sometimes this might be communication, sometime trust, sometimes want, and sometimes even a connection at all to the other person and the relationship itself. What causes this breakdown? I don’t have an answer for that as it’s different for everyone. Do we sometimes use a break-up as an escape route when things get too deep? Yup. Relationships are scary. They’re hard and require our emotions and minds to be continually firing on all cylinders. Can they overwhelm and overtake our lives to an unhealthy point to exacerbate the scariness? Absolutely, especially when not managed properly in considering your healthy needs and what’s healthy for the relationship. Both parties have to be on the same page. For this to happen, you have to talk TO each other, not AT each other or AROUND each other. You can’t expect to make it through tough times if you can’t trust each other enough to give each other the due respect of communication. It’s not always sunshine. To preserve the good times, you have to go through some rain to get greener pastures in your own relationship. Caring about someone else is equally active and inactive, we just have to find the balance of knowing when to act and when to wait. A break once made can’t always be repaired. Consider that before you make a break-up your solution when a break could be what’s needed along with thorough extended communication. Never let fear control your judgment. What has been can help you figure out how to determine what is but isn’t always what could be unless we allow ourselves to only repeat the pattern and not learn and grow.

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