The Girl Who Can’t Seem To Get It Right

The game of dating really only has one clear rule: don’t get attached too quickly. Because if you do, more times than not; you’ll end up crashing and burning. Sometimes it crashes loudly and other times, it crashes in a civilized manner with controlled voices and enough psychobabble to make you think you’re doing a simulated argument with your therapist. It’s never easy, and even if you know that you need to pump the breaks before you end up in a place that leaves you cornered; sometimes, the thrill of the burn is too intoxicating to ignore. On some level, I guess we’re all love addicts. We want to be cherished, accepted, wanted, enjoyed; but our addiction sometimes blinds us to things that are better dealt with outside of the rose-colored haze. Love is never wrong, but we have to be cautious of what we call love. Is it or can it be real or is it a fantasy that we’re pushing along hoping that our wishes make it so?

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