The Relationship Factor Series: The “A” Factor


It’s been a while since I’ve written a series for the blog so here goes! This is the start of my “relationship factor series”; but just as an early warning, I will over the course of the series refer to it as the “alphabet series”. Share your thoughts, share the posts, and share the love!

The “A” Factor: Affection. Affection is a huge proponent of relationships. To be in a successful relationship, you’d have to feel some affection for the one you’re with, no? But how do you show affection? Do you show your affection through words, through actions, through touch? I personally like a combination of all the above. I want to hear the words, I want to be shown affection through little and big gestures, I want to feel it in an embrace…a kiss. I think thoughts, words, actions and physical shows of one’s regard are all crucial in a healthy relationship and why shouldn’t we want to enjoy all these things in a relationship?

One thought on “The Relationship Factor Series: The “A” Factor

  1. Sometimes it hurts if you really love someone. However, you can choose the person that you are to love. Right from the start it is very important to know your compatibility with the person you love so that you will not cry at the end.

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