A Mantra to Draw Calm Focus

My mind screams loudly
My heart races at the speed of light
My lips form words my soul isn’t ready to process
My hands stand ready to write what my tongue should keep quiet
My eyes devour the words yet unspoken
My breath begins to take control to order my mind and all it affects
My mind is empty
My heart is steady
My lips draw out the breath my nose draws in
My hands stand ready to stretch to the sky to release unmeasured feelings
My eyes close out all that lies in front of me to refocus on where I should go
My breath flows my intention into the universe
My body is quiet.


Can Affection Grow Out of Lust?

It’s easy to imagine lust might really be affection, but can affection in a first step towards love grow out of a relationship based on sex? Do you and your partner actually communicate about anything other than about sex? Do you have anything in common to build a relationship on if sex wasn’t the main component? Would you actually be okay with being seen in public with your sexual partner or do you just see them as a guilty pleasure to be hidden away but never associated with publicly to those that are within your inner circle? Is your reasoning for not making your casual sex partner a mutually decided one of just fun and sex only, are you ashamed of association with him/her because their not your “dating type”, or are you ashamed to admit how you began your association with each other? If there is shame, there can’t be true affection. At the end of the day, the questions that need to be answered are: does this person add to my life? or does this person just scratch an itch?

A Note of Thanks

So, apparently today is the two year anniversary of my blog. Time sure does fly when you’re going in so many directions you’re still trying to keep up with the pace you set. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who’s visited the blog both on purpose and accidentally and definitely appreciate those of you who choose to blog-stalk me to see where I’m going next. It’s been an interesting year, but I promise that I’m most certainly not done and the best is yet to come! So stick around and see what I have cooking moving forward! Again, thank you all for the support and great comments! Here’s to another 2 years and many more to come!!!

The Relationship Factor Series: The “A” Factor


It’s been a while since I’ve written a series for the blog so here goes! This is the start of my “relationship factor series”; but just as an early warning, I will over the course of the series refer to it as the “alphabet series”. Share your thoughts, share the posts, and share the love!

The “A” Factor: Affection. Affection is a huge proponent of relationships. To be in a successful relationship, you’d have to feel some affection for the one you’re with, no? But how do you show affection? Do you show your affection through words, through actions, through touch? I personally like a combination of all the above. I want to hear the words, I want to be shown affection through little and big gestures, I want to feel it in an embrace…a kiss. I think thoughts, words, actions and physical shows of one’s regard are all crucial in a healthy relationship and why shouldn’t we want to enjoy all these things in a relationship?