IS All Fair in Love and War?

IS All Fair in Love and WarI will admit. I like a heated discussion. If a guy is passionate in discussion and in bed, I’m a happy woman. But when heated turns to violent, there’s a serious problem. It is NEVER okay to attack someone to get a point across. True, if it ever gets to that point, the argument that comes to mind is “but they weren’t listening”. But is THAT the message you want to get across? If you’re not doing what I want you to do, then I’ll slap, push, or punch it into you? While I will allow that sometimes our best selves don’t always rise to the fore in the heat of the moment, I don’t justify a forceful physical response to a communication problem. Actions speak louder than words ever could; and once something is done, it can’t be taken back.

I leave you with this question, once a situation escalates to a violent response, can the action be forgiven and forgotten?

One thought on “IS All Fair in Love and War?

  1. I don’t approve of violence. It never helps any situation. But bear in mind that EVERYONE has their breaking point. I hope you never have to find yours.

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