Quote of the Day

When all else fails, remember this: don’t become a zombie, devour knowledge not brains.


50 Shades of…Are You Kidding Me?! Part 2

My Facebook status is “feeling annoyed” and my head’s about to explode…What on God’s green earth is WRONG with people?! Remember people, God does NOT like ugly. I think everyone should adopt the Hippocratic Oath: Do no harm. Unfortunately, doing others harm seems to be a sport these days. How can we make it in the dating scene if we’re not only looking for sparks, compatibility, and non-homicidal tendencies but having to constantly wonder if the information we’re getting is the truth? Do we have to be detectives as well as being open to love’s possibilities? It’s kind of hard to be jaded and optimistic at the same time. Why can’t we just be better about how we treating others instead of showing how not every one deserves to be labeled as human. Why are we so bend on tearing each other down that we almost actively seem to look for such opportunities? Are we all just emotional anarchists?

What Would YOU Do?