Being Your Own White Knight

White KnightFrom childhood, starting with stories and fairy tales, little girls are indoctrinated with the “damsel-in-distress” way of viewing relationships. We’re made to think that life and we ourselves are not complete until the prince, white knight, hero, etc. comes to rescue us from our lives of manlessness. Sometimes, he just appears while we’re humming along drowning out the world for a golden moment; sometimes, he appears when we’re looking for a way out of our bad situation; sometimes, he’s someone we don’t completely but feel we can use them as a way to escape the mundane and have an adventure; sometimes, he’s a slightly distant figure who captures our interest and ends up dancing away with our hearts as he’s dancing us across the floor. But who says we have to or SHOULD wait for a guy to come and “rescue” our lives? I think that’s wildly unfair to the guy to expect him to just be some magic being who makes everything automatically wonderful and just rides us out into the sunset of happily ever after. I think for that happy ever after to be able to make it to the table, the damsel should follow her own inner wants and dreams and make them happen. When the guy comes along, meet him on equal ground. Don’t expect him to offer you the world when it’s not his to give. So don your armor, saddle up and ride into your journey preparing to slay your own dragons. You’d be amazed at the caliber of “knight” you attract when you become a damsel-NOT-in-distress.

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