Always Fall for Your Type

That’s right, the unattainable. Time and time again, we work on those who draw us in like a moth to flame even though and sometimes especially because of the red flags thrown right in our path. And what is the appeal of the unattainable? It is the fact that they seem unreachable. It’s true what they say, you usually want what you can’t have and you’ll usually work indefinitely to try to get it. Why is it that we are willing to work so hard for something that is usually not good for us instead of working on something that can actually be right for us? Is it the goal of the feeling of accomplishment for attaining what is seemingly out of reach? Is it the thrill of the chase? Or is it simply that we only trust what we feel we worked for because then it feels as if we earned the reward? While I do feel that each person we let into our lives should be treated as if we cherish them, I’m also a realist; go for the person who will be willing to chase you as much as you chase them.

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