Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

This week, staff writer LeeAnn Yops gives us a humorous post for upcoming New Years Eve.

2013 is a hop, skip and a jump away and with that comes the dreaded New Years Eve plans. NYE isn’t really anything special for me, yet I feel like I’m too young and too single to stay home eating pizza-flavored Combos while I wait for a frozen pizza to bake.

Simply put: New Years Eve sucks. It sucks so much that there was a crappy movie made about it with 9,000 characters that you couldn’t keep straight. It’s expensive, there’s too much hype and it’s a commitment I’m not ready to make.

As a very single lady, I could go a couple of ways with NYE plans.

Stay in, drink 5 buckets of champagne, pet my cats, watch every single “because you watched The Good Son” recommendations on Netflix, and be mad I’m not out.

Pay for a stupid bar package, have a few cocktails, enjoy my friends’ company, and be mad I paid so much money for a place that’s so crowded.

Go to a house party, have fun, be mad that the boy I like isn’t paying enough attention to me, and then get mad at myself for caring at all that the boy isn’t paying attention to me.

If these were my college years I would be daring a friend to make out with both of the boys she’s seeing and I would be dared to kiss 10 people in return. Although fun back then, that seems exhausting, plus I don’t want to get pregnant by the mouth. That’s how it happens after all.

Considering I like my friends I’m sure I’ll have fun in some way, but for now I will dread the end of 2012 while perusing the “because you watched Dinosaurs” recommendations. If I do go out, I hope the boys take a fine notice to my all shape wear dress. It is beautiful.

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