Life Held for Granted

I post this poem as a reminder of the need to hold life and each day as a precious gift. Happy Holidays to all!



Link by link we forge the chain

Of our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows

Sitting thinking wishing praying

For a different outcome from where we are

Waiting for an answer and a hero

To rescue us from our latest series of scrapes

Kindness, a simple word to some

But a hard concept to others who have never

Known such a thing to exist

For they have only seen the pain and sorrow

Of a world given to apathy

Bond by bond we control the course of futures

Unseen and emotional tides

Of desires for love and unconditional acceptance

And in these times we have a responsibility

To gain perspective and open our minds to

Feel more than ourselves and to feel thankfulness

For what we have and the things that are still

Yet unseen but not impossible

For we are strength, we are love, we are hope

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