This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat discusses the psychological issues and considerations behind the subject of breast implants.


A woman who desires breast implants is insecure.  How did she get insecure?  Perhaps, growing up, cruel classmates called her names.  Perhaps her father did too, because he was unhappy with his own self-image.  Then again, maybe she emulated some insecure celebrity, singer, or actress with plastic produce who chirped, “If they’ll make you feel better, then get them.”


Should you really take stock in what a celebrity says when it comes to an idealized body image?  Personally, if I were unhappy with what the Creator/nature gave me, I wouldn’t be so insulting.  Instead, I’d consult with an expert: a psychologist or psychiatrist who could give me the tools so I could like and accept myself as I am.  In addition, I’d request further tools to learn how not to give a rat’s ass about other people’s perceptions or opinions about my breast size.


Can breast implants cure insecurity?  Of course not.  Nor can they make you better in bed.  As-a-matter-of-fact, for some women, breast implants add to their insecurities.  Just look at all the celebrity men who have divorced their wives who went under the knife for bigger boobs.  Did these men leave because of the breast implants?  I didn’t live under their roofs.  So, I don’t know.  The point is, breast implants are no guarantee he’ll stay married to you.


The experts will tell women who want breast enlargement that implants are “a temporary relief” and that it isn’t your breast size that’s the problem.  Me?  I’ll tell you: “If your guy or girlfriends are bent out of shape because of your breast size, then THEY’RE the ones who need couch-time, not you!”





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