This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat discusses an intimate monthly situation.


Used to be, when I was a teenager, a lot of guys had their “red wings” by the time they were sixteen or seventeen.  Some even wore denim jackets embroidered by their girlfriends that displayed wings spread across the back from shoulder to shoulder.  Guys were proud that they had their “wings” and wanted others to know it.  Today, ask a guy if he has his “red wings” and his response will be, “What?  What’s that?”  Then, when you tell him what it means to obtain his “red wings”, his face will scrunch up as if a skunk landed at his pointy cowboy boots.


Here are the facts:  women get their monthly periods.  For some, it’s business as usual.  They are sexual during this time: ready and raring to go.  But what if you’re a guy and you’re not?  What if you’re one of those squeamish guys, or one of those guys who thinks women are “dirty” during their periods?  Get a grip.  Listen, if she can tackle your sweaty, chafing, manhandled peeing stick with HER mouth, the least you can do is oblige her when she’s menstruating.


There is something primal about oral sex when a woman has her period.  It’s freeing, liberating, and intense; unless you’re one of those women who prefer to remain untouched like a beached whale until your cycle is over.  More power to you.


In addition to being primal, for some women, a clitoral orgasm helps to relieve menstrual cramps.  So, going down on your loved one isn’t a bad idea after all.  As a matter-of-fact, it can be a win-win situation for both of you.  Especially, if she’s going down on you at the same time.


Now, go out there and obtain your red wings!  Remember: dinner at her favorite cafe first, then a relaxing soak with her in a warm tub, and – finally – make love to her not only with your tongue, but also with your heart and soul!





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