What Do You Think You’re Doing for the Next, Eh, 40 or 50 Years?’: Funny Marriage Proposal Ideas

Today’s post is brought to us by guest blogger, Joshua Cruz. In Joshua’s post, we get humorous marriage proposal ideas. Have fun with this guys!


The art of the proposal is in your hands, fellows. Drop the ball and you could end up cradling yourself to sleep at night. For instance, do not, I repeat, do not get a tattoo across your shoulders asking her to marry you. It is not funny to spell out “Will you marry me” with urine in the snow and you are way too creative to do the sweet and simple engagement ring in the champagne gig. Guaranteed, your girlfriend, who is probably not as big a baseball fan as you think, will not appreciate your popping the question on the scoreboard during the 7th inning stretch. You’re fired.

You get one chance at this. Try a unique and hilarious proposal with a romantic edge.

Recreate A Movie Scene

Oh, how we love Rocky Balboa’s super sincere proposal to his beloved AAADRIAAAN on that snowy day in the Philadelphia Zoo in “Rocky II.” The tiger being the sole witness. “What do you think you’re doing for, like, the next, eh, 40 or 50 years? I was wondering if, ah, you wouldn’t mind marryin’ me very much?” He goes on to say, “I’ll be a good guy, I ain’t gonna do nothin’ wrong. I ain’t gonna leave no hair in the sink, or nothin’ like dat.” DO THIS! Recreate and direct this scene on a winter’s day at the tiger’s den, accent and ALL.

Or, get stupid and melt her heart Ben Affleck-style. I mean, who doesn’t secretly love Michael Bay‘s masterpiece, “Armageddon?” I guarantee your girlfriend does. Take your proposal to the next level and go all A.J. on her. Even though he doesn’t pop the question in the picnic scene, that’s the one to recreate. Supplies needed, just like the Bay film: Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing,” animal crackers and a terrible Australian accent. Let that gazelle cracker travel north or south across your girl’s tummy and get it done!


Get up there and shake your tail feathers. Want to do something hilarious? Sing. SheKnows.com suggests singing a little karaoke number to propose and catch her off-guard Maybe start with Cheap Trick’s, “I Want You to Want Me.” Or, tap into your inner Maverick and do, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling,” by the Righteous Brothers. But then get on one knee and profess your forever love to her. The crowd will be hoottin’ and hollerin’ for the love birds and it’s sure to be a success. Whatever song you choose, I suggest clearing it with the karaoke host, you know how fanatically stingy they can be with their time.

Get A Billboard

By billboard, I don’t mean using a Church’s Fried Chicken sign. This is serious. Rent a billboard out in the desert, put a picture of you dressed as Clark Gable (“Gone with the Wind” people) on it, stop your car underneath it and do it…Ask her first. Then do it.

Train A Parrot

Nothing says “I love you” better than a talking parrot, according to Wedding Ring Guru. I’m going to assume you know how to acquire a talking parrot as I deliver this idea to you. If you don’t have one, or know someone that does, find an African Grey, Macaw, Amazon or Cockatoo at a pet store, bird store or local zoo and visit that little guy each and ever day. Repetition is key here. “Will you marry me?” Everyday, at least once a day. Once the parrot is able to learn the words and repeat them, take your girlfriend to the bird’s home and you will have knocked this one out of the park, my man.

Rollercoaster Photo

Do it on the flume. There was a trending picture of an unsuspecting Lindsay in the front seat of a flume ride at an amusement park. When traveling down the big decent, a camera caught her face mid-fright while her man and his cohorts each held a word from the popular phrase behind her. Upon viewing the picture in the booth after the ride, she screams. Everyone laughs. It’s a jolly good time. Pick her favorite amusement park ride and copycat this brilliant idea.


Joshua Cruz Josh is a blogger/columnist who writes about pop culture and society from a guy’s point of view. He loves any kind of music (even country) and is hooked on social media.

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