Empowering Days of November 2012

Want to know when you might be able to get a cosmic boost and what days to watch your “P’s and Q’s”? Then read this month’s report from shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst! Want more? Go to Ellen’s Facebook page! Enjoy!


Presto!  Chango!  As if by a wave of the proverbial wand now all of our recent decisions start to come home to roost.  Crock a doodle doo doo if you made the wrong ones.  Let’s recap shall we?  This summer we had confusion and stagnation reigning everywhere but on the crops in the Midwest.  Then, in September we finally began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it was ‘All Aboard.’  Last month we decided.  We finally decided. Because last month was decision-making time.  And, now, in November, those decisions come back to make us commit, REALLY commit to walking our talk.  All that said we could easily bypass the stroll and could be skipping down the lane of positive potential if the decisions we made included leaving the rage, anger, bitterness and fear of the last few years behind.  Or we can lumber into our future while dragging that same shit around.  That’s what November brings – – choices.  Choose to leave the past behind and move forward.


Now speaking of FORWARD, Mercury the Messenger goes backward and gets stuck in retrograde stall on Election Day.  The last time Mercury was retrograde during a presidential election was the Bush/Gore one.  Remember the chads?  Not Everett, Michael Murray or Lowe either.  Well, if you remember Everett you get points, but I’m talking about the little paper ones that rendered voting technology useless.  Once again, this November will be ALL about high stakes choices and their consequences.  Complicated to be sure – – and hugely provocative too – but the good news is that once you’ve committed to your decisions and have chosen to leave anger and fear behind – you will be closer still to that same light brightening up the end of that damn tunnel. Choo, choo, choose.  Wisely and well.


NOVEMBER 1   ………   According to the Catholic calendar today is called ‘All Saint’s Day’ and, well, since Venus, the planet of love is opposing Uranus, the planet of unexpected surprises – – relationships could be put to the proverbial test.  Call on Saint Valentine to smooth out all forces seemingly beyond your control.  Invoke Valentine’s intercession, three times, and ask that you be given strength and protection from any energies striving to separate you from your beloveds.  Now, can I get an ‘Amen’???


NOVEMBER 3   ………   Venus squares off against powerful Pluto and adds to yesterday’s relationship strain.  Take the pressure off and put the heat back into your love life.  Light two pink candles in the ‘Romance/Relationship’ area of your bedroom and let them burn all the way down.  As they get smoking hot, so will your relationship.  Again.


NOVEMBER 4   ………   I normally wouldn’t comment on Daylight Savings Time (“spring ahead/fall back”) but it’s my boy’s birthday and since he IS the light of my life, I thought I’d share a failsafe fertility cure:  Place TWO elephant statues on the floor by the bottom of the bedroom door.  Make sure that they are positioned as if they are walking INTO the bedroom.  Place a small rock or stone on the back of each and pretty soon you’ll be saying “rock and roll, baby, rock and roll.”  HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY to the boy who saved my whole life, I hope that he gets all that happiness and love showered right back on him!


NOVEMBER 6   ………   Election Day and Mercury the Messenger goes retrograde.  The last time this happened was the Bush/Gore election where the ‘chads’ were faulty and the Floridian vote even faultier still.  Mercury will stay retrograde until November 26 – – could be we don’t see a new prez until after then.  In other news, back up your computer and sit a clear quartz crystal somewhere close by.  But know that crystal clarity and Mercury retrograde NEVER go hand in hand.  Just sayin.


NOVEMBER 9   ………   TA DA!  Super Stellar Day!  Venus and Jupiter are involved and that means sweet sparkling miracles on this truly magical day.  If you want to know the best and most effective ways to use these high vibes then you’ll have to get my free monthly newsletter.  Subscribe away at www.ellenwhitehurst.com!  Then click on the SUPER STELLAR DAY icon and change your life!


NOVEMBER 11   ………   Neptune, all full of fantasy and dreams, goes direct in its home sign of Pisces today after being retrograde since early June.  It’s like the jailer just gave up the keys and the cell doors swing open.  FREEDOM.  If you’re still not feeling entirely and happily independent then be sure to clear the clutter in your closet and turn your shoes so that the toes are all facing out.  As if those shoes are going to walk right out of that closet door.  Sensing a theme?


NOVEMBER 13   ………   New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  This eclipse as well as Mercury the Messenger squaring off against Neptune will mean different things for different signs.  Some will be great energies and opportunities while others, well, not so much.  Come to my Facebook page and find out where your sign stands and what you can do too!  www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst


NOVEMBER  17   ………   Mars sextile Neptune makes this THE PERFECT DAY to return to a long ago dream and perform some CPR on it.  Remember that dream you dropped in favor of paying the mortgage or the tuition or marrying the partner your parents so sorely wanted?  Dig deep.  Think of that dream and then make a small ‘Vision Board’ or ‘Treasure Map’ that focuses fully on that special intention.  Make a mini collage of your hopes and wishes and blow your breath on it four times.  CPR for the soul.


NOVEMBER 21   ………   Sun enters Sagittarius while Venus slides into Scorpio.  Normally that would all be good news/good times but with the Sun also squaring off against Neptune we can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.  Just the facts ma’am.  And/or listen ONLY to your own gut hunches, instincts and intuition.  Ask yourself this one simple question; “what is my intuition trying to tell me today?”  Now, listen for the answer and then act on it.  Carry on.


NOVEMBER 22   ………   THANKSGIVING DAY!  I am so grateful to and for all of you that I have a special bonus and free THANKSGIVING DAY SHUI report just waiting for you over on my Facebook professional page.  www.facebook.com/EllenWhitehurst  – – believe me there is magic in this report and I ain’t just talking turkey here either!  HAPPY HOLIDAY from my humble and grateful house to yours!  XOXOXE


NOVEMBER 23   ………   Black Friday leads me to the golden mystic knot.  Either draw a number 8 on its side (the infinity symbol) in gold ink or download an image of a golden mystic knot.  Place this in the ‘WEALTH’ area of your dining room in order to activate extra abundance.  We will also pre-release the SHUISTROLOGY FOR THE YEAR AHEAD 2013 to our audience ONLY today.  Get yours at this special holiday discount while this price lasts!


NOVEMBER 24   ………   Mars sextiles Saturn says that you can go ahead and start planning your life again – – just wait another three days until Mercury is out of retrograde before taking any definitive and empowered actions.  Leave the front lights on though – inside and out – at least three consecutive hours a day – so that opportunity knows that you’re almost ready for it to come calling.  Again.


NOVEMBER 26   ………   Cyber Monday.  Mercury goes direct in Scorpio and Sun trines Uranus.  Ideas and inspirations abound.  Talks will go amazingly well.  Carry a bit of CROWN OF SUCCESS powder with you.  A quarter cup of powdered sugar mixed with that same amount of cornstarch and then blended with 33 drops of pure basil essential oil.  Stir with the index/pointer finger on your power hand (the one you write with) and stir 33 times in a clockwise direction.  Shake some on your hands and carry some with you so you can be, well, crowned by and with success!  Today it will be auspicious to take a powder!


NOVEMBER 27   ………Mars conjunct Pluto means you make money.  Hang a small bag of sea salt in the center of the outside of your front door.  Leave it there for 30 days and dispose of outside the house.  After cash and coin have moved in.


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