Trick or Treat

Now most of us are well aware of the power of an artful seduction. You can make someone bend to your will or simply get your endgame moved to your timeline. I’m a huge fan of seduction, but one must realize that there are boundaries that must be observed and never be crossed. Most women would love to be able to have the sort of confidence to pull off a seduction ala Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct to use every movement of your body, every bit of eye contact, every word and inflection to bring a guy to his knees until he can’t even think of anything else until he declares himself your willing slave. Remember, seduction is an art not a marathon. It’s all about the build-up. The endgame isn’t always the same on both sides, but both side will be getting something out of it if done right. It’s a dance, a song, a whisper, a flame…it’s subtle and intense often at the same time. Seduction can be power or a gift…the question for every seducer or seductress is whether they use this as a trick or treat. With great seduction comes great expectation. Use responsibly.

Here’s my trick and treat of today! Hope you find this a treat for the mind! Happy Halloween!

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