The Lesson of the Maize Maze

Fall, a time of natural beauty, a lovely selection of warm drinks, and the start of prime cuddling time…oh, and the fall activity of the corn maze. Now, if you’re planning activities with your sweetie, of the moment or long-term, make sure it is something that you are positive to not take your sweetie’s head off or at least contemplate picking up something heavy to slug them over the head with. I speak from personal experience. In the past, I enjoyed a good maze and had fun figuring out all the clues and getting lost; but when it came to my last two exes, one was the annoying “I’m so smart and can figure out any clue and can find my way out of anyplace” guy and the other was the ” I’m above childish activities martyr” guy. One I wanted to bludgeon over the head to shut him up; and the other, I wanted to find a sharp object to stab him and cheerfully bury him in the maze and continue my merry way through the rest of it and the other activities the farm had to offer. While no physical harm came to either guy, with one, there was a chilly silence for most of the ride home and the other put such a meaning on the phrase: “grin and bear it” my gums hurt from the effort.

So please, learn from my example. You don’t have to do everything one or the other. of you enjoy together. Sometimes, it’s just better to do it alone or just do it with friends. Don’t end up on Snapped and don’t end up in “Morons in the News” on The Bob and Sheri Show. You may have people who completely understand your “snapped moment”, but I think the law would be less forgiving.

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