When Cheap Talk Becomes an Expensive Problem

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the phrase: “talk is cheap”. While I get the lesson behind it: actions speak louder than words; I’m of the opinion that while this phrase is catchy, it’s not quite telling the whole story. While talk may not always cost anything upfront, it’s most definitely NOT cheap. This becomes more and more apparent as we continue to heedlessly let things come out of our mouths not realizing the fallout looming ahead. Almost no other situation makes this case as strongly as relationships. We make little promises about date nights, gifts, vacations,status, etc..all the time. Baring financial, serious professional conflict, or health, a person should keep his or her word. If not for the sake of follow-through itself then to at least keep us honest and accountable. Some are of the opinion that it’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission, but I disagree with this a lot of the time. I’d rather avoid unnecessary conflict; and if I already know that I’ve spoken sooner than I should have, I’d rather ask for permission to amend an earlier comment, plan, or idea than to let it fall through the cracks altogether.

My advice: Shut your mouth more and let your mind calculate the cost before your “cheap talk” needs a budget and an advisor.

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