Does Size Matter?

This week’s post by staff writer Rigby Rat is part one to her “does size matter” series. Do you agree? What are your thoughts?




A. No.

B. Yes.

C. She doesn’t know until the thing is in her.

D. All of the above.


Penis size is a state of mind.  Whose state of mind?  Porn producers, for one.  Then there are the misfits who focus and nitpick on the size of their penis and their friends’ penises.  These guys lack maturity, intelligence, and confidence.  And when guys are lacking, they need to bring a buddy or two down a notch to help boost their own egos.  “Who you going to satisfy with that?” the nudnik teases.  You’d be surprised, Mr. N.!


Think size matters?  Then why can’t my friend – whose husband’s rocket is twelve inches – orgasm with him?  By the way, I dated “the ruler” before she did.  And I dumped him after two months.


Why does my other friend shatter the Steuben crystal every time her guy’s five+ inches is inside her?


Wait a minute, some of you are wondering why I dumped Mr. Foot-long.  For many reasons.  The main one?  He was a pothead.  Still is.  Another reason: he was insecure.  He was so insecure that he cheated on his wife for seven years with her best friend.  Now Mr. and Mrs. are in weekly therapy.  Probably for life.  Aren’t you glad I dumped him?  I sure am.


The point is, even if a guy has a twelve-inch penis, that doesn’t automatically make him the ideal sex partner, or a keeper.  Why?  Because there’s a lot more that goes into a woman’s orgasm than the width and the length of a man’s penis.






A. I have nothing to do with a woman’s orgasm.  She’s on her own.

B. Very little because I can rock any woman’s world.

C. I don’t have a clue. I just pray for the best.

D. I’ll ask her and get back to you.


What goes into a woman’s orgasm?  Women need more than a sizable stiffy between their legs to complete the circuit.  The number one thing they need is: desire.


desire: (noun) sexual appetite or a sexual urge.


Twelve inches or five inches, if she doesn’t desire your body the way you long for hers, expect a put-on atop the mattress.  “How do I know if she truly desires me?”

Good question.  Check in next week for Part Two of Does Size Matter?


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