It’s uncomfortable to tell the truth of what we really feel or think sometimes; and to get ourselves off the hook, we sugarcoat things or outright lie. I’ve had this happen to me countless times both professionally, personally, and romantically and it downright ticks me off to no end.  If you had it in you to put yourself in the line of fire to have to “lower the boom” on someone, then at least have the balls to be honest. No one likes a liar even if the person doing the lying claims to be doing it for our own good. If I’m on my way to the chopping block, I’d at least like to know why and not blindsided wondering what happened.

Do yourself and the world at large a favor, remember the childhood of “honesty is the best policy”. You should be as tactful as possible to take the sting out, don’t be a prick about it, and remember: karma’s a bitch and keeps a hit list; don’t get on it.

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