What’s The World Coming To?

This isn’t my usual type of post; but after reading this article in HuffPost Crimein about a flier going around Miami University about tips on how to get away with rape, I couldn’t NOT write this post. I already know I’m going to get some flack for this post. I am by no means blaming the victims for their rapes, I am just drawing awareness to a disturbing situation and am hoping that others will share this post as a way to come together to empower each other.


In a world in which it’s naive to trust openly and doing some research on who you go out with isn’t such a paranoid idea anymore, I hate to think about just how guarded a woman must be to interact in our society. Rape, a matter both simple and yet complex is a matter that’s not so drawn upon as something we should guard against beforehand and more so discussed after the fact. While yes, rape is talked about intelligently as a way to forearm women in how to at least lessen their chances of being a victim; but unfortunately, it’s still a situation that isn’t quite real until it’s brought home to us either to our own person or to someone we know.

Rape isn’t an ugly attack that’s only limited to certain socioeconomic classes or even certain geographic locations; but I am afraid to say that college campuses tend to be prime feeding grounds for victims. With less close protection from family and or guardians and more access to alcohol and a new class of personalities, it becomes easier to be targeted. Knowledge is power, common sense and good judgment are good weapons, and some mace and self-defense classes wouldn’t hurt either. Let’s stand together to continue to raise awareness for rape and let’s do whatever we can to make sure there are fewer victims. Together we stand, divided we fall.

One thought on “What’s The World Coming To?

  1. Isn’t such a flier an incitement to break the law in the U.S? It certainly would be in the U.K. and anyone distributing such material would feel the long arm of the law very soon.

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