We all get a little hung up on what to do on first dates from time to time. This week, staff writer Rigby Rat give us some helpful hints on how to handle a first date. What do you think?

I went to a Cameron Carpenter organ recital this weekend at the Princeton University Chapel.  Not familiar with Cameron’s flair, forte, talent, tight-fitting shirts, taut tush, sexy dancing feet, or jumbo video screens?  The screens are set up so fans can watch him play.  Watch an organist?  Who watches an organist?  Go to a Cameron Carpenter concert and you’ll understand why.  Checkout his Web site for tour dates:

So my friend and I are sitting in this incredibly uncomfortable pew waiting for Cameron to entertain and woo us when a guy sitting behind us starts talking to his friend about how it’s his first date with this chick he knows from college and he hasn’t a clue as to what to do.

Guys, here’s what to do on the first date:

1.  Dress the part.  Meaning, wear proper attire for the occasion.

2.  Smile a lot.  Smiling lets her know you’re confident.  Also, that you’re happy.

3.  Compliment her.  If you like her perfume or her smile, tell her so.

4.  Engage her in conversation, but don’t let her do all the talking.

5.  Speak clearly.  (There is nothing attractive about a mumbler.)

6.  Make eye contact.  She needs to know you’re being attentive.

7.  If at a restaurant, be conscious of your table manners.

8.  If at a restaurant, order something that isn’t smelly.

9.  Bring her a little gift.  My suggestion is a gift certificate for two movie tickets.

You can tell her that if the date doesn’t work out, she can take someone else.

10. Turn your cell phone off.

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