Meeting the Friends

One of the most rites of passage of a relationship is meeting your significant other’s friends. Now some people blow this off as insignificant because friends usual aren’t blood, but I remind you of this one fact: your significant other usually acts with the most freedom and is more of their true selves with friends more than any other people. True, you want to make a good impression with the rents and other family members, but friends will more times than not be your ticket into the deeper recesses of your significant other’s life and affections. It’s true that first impressions are hard to get past but they can be overcome on both the positive and negative conclusions. I’ve had situations in which I’ve met one of my friend’s prospective or even present sig others and have liked them a lot and have later deemed them completely unworthy of my friends or better suited as a friend. Unfortunately, I’ve seen more of the former than the latter. And let me tell you, if your sig other is the type that completely trusts their friend’s judgment, you can write yourself into their life story for a recurring role or get yourself killed off before the end of the first season. In more relationships than not, there’s a person who gets themselves cast as “that guy” or “that girl”. Don’t be that person. If you’re looking to get serious with a person romantically, you’re going to have to deal with the friends as much if not more than the family. They can help your relationship go more smoothly or can make your relationship hell. So put yourself out there, be courteous, be good, and don’t be a prick. Don’t just do this for your sig other, do this as practice for anyone you deal with. You want others to think well of you in any circumstance.

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