You Said It, But Did You Mean It?

Love is a multi-faceted and complex emotion, what may seem easy to some, may be a hard road for others. Some people believe in love at first sight and can say, “I love you” almost at the drop of a hat. Some need more than first sight to bring love, and others still need proof that love is actually there and not just lust or intense like.

Love has a way of changing our emotions and thought processes in such a way that when faced with an “I love you”, we’re tempted to either reciprocate whether or not we feel the same or we avoid giving a response that ties us to something serious before we want to or feel ready for. The bell (or rather the words “I love you”) once rung are hard to take back and makes it harder to still feel less pain if a break-up happens in the future.

The insincere or premature “I love you” is just a disaster waiting to happen. If you’re not ready for that step quite yet, then say so. Communication is key to healthy relationships and the lessening of regrets should a relationship fail for any reason. Say you care, show you care; but if you’re not feeling the “I love you”, then for God’s sake DON’T SAY IT! No one likes an “Indian giver”. Talk is cheap, but words still have a value. Say what you mean and mean what you say and don’t forget to calculate the cost for when the words are spoken. Because the person you end up saying it to could end up picking up the tab if you end up running out on the bill.

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