I Just Discovered

Staff writer Rigby Rat discusses the mismatched dating situation using the example of dating a video gamer. Was this you?


“He likes to play video games all the time.  As a result, I think he is: not well rounded and not too bright.  In addition, he has a very limited vocabulary. ”


Okay, but you picked him!


Because he’s a video gamer, now you think you’re not compatible.  Then tell him the truth – “we’re a mismatch”, buy him a new video game, wish him well, and move on.  Life is too short to waste time on a dude who prefers video games to intellectual stimulation and growth.


There are plenty of cerebral-sexual guys (a term I coined) out there who read books, visit museums, own a library card, go to plays, like to take hand-holding walks, have a vocabulary above a ninth-grader, and believe learning doesn’t stop at the completion of a technical or college education.  So, go get yourself a C-SG and enjoy the rewards of a compatible partner who will enrich your life and vice versa.


Food for thought: you don’t see grown women playing with dolls.  How come grown men play video games?


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