Want to know when you might be able to get a cosmic boost and what days to watch your “P’s and Q’s”? Then read this month’s report from shuistrologist Ellen Whitehurst! Enjoy!


Gourd your loins or costume them however you please because it really won’t matter.  You see October aims to pull off the collective mask so we can all pull together – – especially in light of the recent and really upending energies.  Yes, yes, I know that I’ve been promising forward movement but October truly is the end of the innocence and, more importantly, of the uncertainty as well.  Put away the GPS, the Universe has this.  Ahhhh direction at last.  And not just for your flying brooms or even carpets with those same capabilities.  No, these new directions come complete with emergent and even some surprising but excellent opportunities attached.  It’s just that this time around all of those opportunities won’t be such a free treat.  They come with a bit of a trick to them.  Because the planets now promise that we can travel the purpose driven path only if we solve important problems under complex circumstances.   See, I told you it wasn’t going to be the full size Snickers house after house.  Now speaking of houses, early in October Saturn will leave Libra and will enter the sign of Scorpio for the better part of the next three years.  Since we learn our most valuable lessons in the house that Saturn resides in (and just so you know, Saturn NEVER hands out the full size bars – that would be way too nice!) then we should each pay attention to where Saturn is shifting in our indie charts and what the will mean for all of us.  You can find my free interpretation for each sign on my YouTube TV channel.  On this particular early October packing day, when Saturn boxes up and goes on the move you ‘ll want to put past patterns behind you too and move your self to a future full of empowerment, prosperity and love.  And change.  Roll with it.  Flow with it.  Embrace it.  It’s not going anywhere.  And for the next 31 days neither is October.  Sexy, secretive, tough love-ing October.  Like I said, take off the masks because the true journey to self discovery has now officially begun.

And what about lions and tigers and bears?  Oh my.  Well, I don’t know about those lions unless we be discussing Leo and those tigers should only be stuffed and friendly and placed in the ‘Children / Creativity’ area if you are struggling with infertility.  But the bear, oh DA BEARS.  They should be out in full force early this month following the crap energies associated with the September 29 Full Moon.  I mean, you can forget the three from the Yellow Brick Road and you can almost forget the other yellow bricks called gold too.  I think that we will start to see a top building in the precious metals markets now as behind the scenes pre –election post Pluto puke predicates secret political plotting – maybe even involving the military.  WHA?  Secret political plottings behind the scenes?  Nah. Well…maybe.  And, well, with Uranus involved in the melee don’t be surprised to see some sudden and possibly shocking events and energies play out on the world front.  This could quash any advancement in the stock market too, so, steer clear.  At least until October 6.


October 1   ………   Flirty Venus sextiles usually more reserved Saturn today, giving you an opportunity to either hook up or disconnect from a relationship that’s been on your mind a lot lately.  It could be the big ‘O’ or it could be “Oh no, I can’t take any more.”  That decision will be left to you but if you can see your clear to making a definite decision – – one way or the other – – what’s NEW (or more appropriately WHO’S new) pussycat might just offer the purrrrfect ending.  Locate the ‘RELATIONSHIP’ area of your bedroom and turn a light on there.  Leave it on all day (or at least for three consecutive hours) and burn, baby, burn.October 3   ………   Busy, busy Venus entering Virgo today while also opposing foggy and nebulous Neptune.  Wait, did I say “busy, busy” Venus?  What I meant to say is fickle, fickle Venus.  Either way, stop thinking that it’s everyone else who shines BUT you.  YOU actually shine the brightest of the bunch.  In fact, I can see your brilliance from here.  Spend some time today in front of a mirror and look deep into your own eyes.  Once there tell yourself that “you is kind” and that “you is smart” and, of course, that “you is important” too.  Or simply tell yourself that you shine.  Bright.  Because, well, you do!

October 4   ………   Big ole Jupiter goes retrograde today until end of January of next year while Mercury the Messenger conjuncts lesson planning Saturn.  All good.  Especially if singing agreements of contracts or even sharing ideas are involved.  New friendships initiated now will be sure to last a good long time too.  Nice and easy does it.  Find your ‘FRIENDS / FAMILY’ area and add a little green there ( candle, construction paper, a healthy plant?)  This will not only bring those promising new friends your way but will pepper your path with promises and potential fulfilled too.

October 5   ………   A once in every tow and half year kind of day.  Saturn, the planet sometimes associated with learning lessons through restrictions and limitations is coming out of years long stay in Libra and moving into Scorpio for the foreseeable.  Saturn only makes these rare visits to each sign every 28 years so this is something to pay attention to.  Now since Saturn will be in a mutual reception (astro speak!) with Pluto, we should see them working together in harmony and helping us all to learn our lessons in an easier way than the last couple of years.  If you’d like to know how this Saturn shift is going to affect your own energies then tune into my YouTube TV channel (www.youtube.com/EllenWhitehurstTV) and see what predictions I have for you, Saturn and your sign!  And if you like what you hear, subscribe okay?  Turn about being fair play and all that!

October 7   ………    Uh oh, aggressive warrior Mars is squaring off against Neptune ratcheting the potential for you to embrace and engage that old “READY!  FIRE!  AIM” axiom.  Remember to think before you speak today and double check all your facts and figures.  Keep a clear quartz crystal somewhere close to you today, either sitting on  your desk, a kitchen window ledge or over the top of your computer.  Or all three.  Speaking of three – – leave them there for the next three days.  It will become crystal clear exactly why, but, for now, let’s just clear any negative vibes and keep on keepin’ on.  And if you really want to feel power, protection and prosperity than sign up for my new THE MINUTE MIRACLE webinar.  October 9 (yes, I planned it for the Super Stellar Day!)  Register here:  http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=E154DF888047

October 9   ………   SUPER DUPER UBER STELLAR DAY!  For lots and lots of reasons.  Now you know you can only access this info if you are a subscriber to the monthly newsletter as that’s our gift to you for opting in.  Now, how about you opt for some of the swellest energies around?  Sign up for the free newsletter at my website.

October 10   ………   Saturn trines Neptune meaning that a favorite fantasy could actually become your reality today.  According to author JoAnn Cornug in her ORIGINAL TRIBE (A Handbook of Angels) you can call on Archangel Zadkiel to help those efforts along.  Simply invoke his intercession three times and then say; “I am Archangel Zadkiel’s ambassador, bestowing riches and love upon all life everywhere.”  The ancient teachings tell that Zadkiel was the Angel of benevolence and mercy and that those who invoke him will receive his bright and brilliant light.  Yes, yes, give and you SHALL receive.  Just the way it goes.  Amen.

October 14   ………   Mars trines Uranus today possibly making this the second runner-up to Super Stellar!  This day is beautiful.  Wonderful.  A sparkly diamond of a day.  Write. Speak.  Market.  Promote.  Even travel will be tasty!  Share your inspirations and your ideas and CREATE excellent opportunities.  You can do this much more easily if you leave the front lights on (inside and outside) in the front entryway.  At least three consecutive hours, more if you can.  Illuminate the pathway to huge opps and then claim your victory and your success.

October 15   ………   New Moon in Libra.   Great time to greet this New Moonb by chanting these ancient words:  “Here is the New Moon.  The New Moon has arrived.  Be lucky for me now.  You’ve found me penniless.  Leave me rich and prosperous.  Leave us with money.  Leave us with good health.  Leave us with love.”  Here’s to your health, happiness, prosperity, luck and love!  Call it forth on THIS New Moon.  Claim it.  And it will be present to you!

October 23   ………   Sun trine Neptune means that TODAY is THE day to go ahead and ground that great idea.  One way to do that is to stand outside in bare feet and literally visualize your grand idea as a bright white ball of light moving from the top or crown of your head and then descending slowly down your body until it comes out the soles (souls) of your feet and into the ground.  “See” the idea then coming back up in that bright ball of light and moving up your entire body until it soars out the top of your head and up, up, up into the skies.  You can help these energies along by placing an image of a phoenix in your FAME area.  FAME!  I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly!  High.  Like a phoenix!

October 24   ………   Sun conjunct Saturn says to take care of you Boo.  Take a look at your calendars and schedule your yearly doc and dental appointments.  Keep the haters at bay and step away from the drama and the drudge.  You’ve got better things to do.  Like placing a green and HEALTHY plant in the center of your home.

October 28   ………   Venus enter Libra and Mars opposition Jupiter.  A lovely little ‘messaging’ sort of day – – texts, emails, fb, smoke signals etc.)  Surround each word you speak or send with a pink and loving light.  The messages you’ll get back will shoot straight to your heart.  In a good way – – of course.

October 29   ………   Full Moon in Taurus while Mercury enters Sagi and squares Neptune.  Let others continue to enjoy all the emotional drama – – you just stay centeredin harmony and balance and far from the bullshit.  But don’t be silly – – keep yourself surrounded by the white light of protection.  Like a column of heavenly brilliance that will blind you to the bull.  Or let you take one by the horns.  Up to you.  I’d stay eyes wide shut if I were you.

October 31   ………   Moon in Gemini and Sun close to Saturn, not so much scary as it is an invite to leave the Count Chocula alone and get your fresh swag on BOO!  Anytime after sunset tonight stand in front of a mirror and make a secret wish.  Visualize it coming true but whatever you do don’t leave doors and/or windows ajar this night!  Forget the ghosts and goblins this will invite otherworldly forces to come and set a spell.  ‘Spell’ being the operative word.  Just do your mirror work and reflect on your wish-full thinking.  Now that’s what I call Wishing Well!  See, just like I said, not so scary after all.

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