50 Shades of…Are You Kidding Me?!

Okay, I admit it. I partake of Internet dating and even read and post on Craigslist personals. I admit, like others of you out there, I’m human and therefore appreciate other human connections physically, socially, and romantically. I will also say that never have I ever except on Craigslist have been entertained, pissed off, creeped out, grossed out, charmed, and depressed sometimes all at once as I have been looking through Craigslist list personals. Now, I’m a healthy, attractive, single, straight black female in my twenties. I would be considered normal by most definitions and have healthy appetites and have an open and relatively flexible mind; but Internet dating and especially CL can bring the dating process to a whole new level of CRAZY. Other than your usual “I’m too sexy” cocky people, “great catch (on paper)” people, sleezeballs, and straight up desperate people, you’re usually left with going to rant and raves to rail at the world at large for having such a scarily small selection of “good peeps”, take a long shower to try to scrub your mind and body from the memory and activity of reading posts and responses to your own posts, or just plain giving up in general and considering life with cats. I’ve had all these reactions at one time or other, believe me, there’s no amount of soap on God’s green Earth to scrub my mind of some of the horrors I’ve seen in my excursions of Internet dating; but I will promise that it does get better. There may not be a magical time during which it all just falls into place according to some calendar; but if you let yourself learn to take things in stride, use these situations to train yourself to know what to look for in what you want, need, and deserve, you just might be able to navigate the “cray” and come out of this with a healthy outlook, new approach, and a good sense of humor.

To those of you who have managed to find a good one, Mazel tov! To those of you like me that are still in the fray, don’t lose heart, your day is coming. And to you crazy ones out there who make things that much more interesting, may you find someone to balance your crazy for every yin needs a yang. Spank you very much and good night!

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