Steady On


This is a poem I wrote nearly 2 years ago after a break-up with my last boyfriend. The first part I wrote and one of my good friends finished it with the second part of the poem. Can you relate?



I’m moving forward

Cause nothing else matters

I’m doing things one day at a time

Because I can’t predict the future

I choose to live in hope

Because hope is precious

I will be strong

Because I won’t accept less

We do what’s necessary

We all must make a stand.



Taking steps

Advancing towards another place

It’s one foot at a time

[After the first arduous step]

We base our futures off of past

And off of present

When all that is is present

Past is a thought of memory

And future

A thought of anticipation

Of assumption and prediction

Let go

It is the truest strength

To stand alone

Nothing is necessary

And everything is nothing

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