Being Dragged Down Memory Lane

One of the things that sucks after a break-up is the occurrence of the ex giving you a discourse of your relationship’s past. You’ve already had the talks, you’ve rehashed it in your mind, you’ve rehashed it with friends and family members until you’ve finally at least in your own exorcised the ghost of your relationship. You’ve started to move on to your present future post-significant other and all is starting to be calm again;but then, BAM!, your ex dive bombs you with “remember when’s”. What makes this bad is that more times than not, THEIR memories are not YOUR memories. In hindsight, if we’re lucky, we see things that give us good lessons for the future; but usual when someone drags you down their memory lane, it’s usually for selfish reasons and not selfless flattery of your good points. When it comes to “ex memory lane”, it’s usual best that it’s a solitary journey. You can remember the relationship, come to your own conclusions about those memories and allow yourself to move on; but if you share the journey with the ex, it’s usually going to be bad road and unnecessary heartbreak. As I mentioned in my post, ” Forbidden Fruit: The Ex Factor”, it’s usually a bad idea to go through a bunch of ‘what ifs’ with break-ups. You broke up for a reason; it’s playing with fire to go down that road because you usually only remember the good parts instead of ALL the parts. While I won’t say memory lane won’t lead to a happy ending, I will leave you all with this caution: if you choose to travel down ” ex memory lane”, do so at your own risk and with eyes, mind, and heart working together.

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