She Keeps Calling. How Do I Make Her Stop?

Staff writer Rigby Rat‘s post of the week focuses on the necessity of clear and straight communication in dating when you feel the compatibility just isn’t there.

You met her.  You took her to dinner a couple of times.  You thought it over, she’s not your type (spiritually, emotionally, intellectually).  You stopped calling her.  Now she won’t stop calling you.  How do you make her stop?

First of all, you wouldn’t be in this mess if you had just said something over dinner to end it right then and there.  “What should I have said”?    The truth, whatever that is:

After getting to know you, I don’t feel we’re compatible.
My ex has forgiven me and I want to give it another shot with her.
I’ve been doing some thinking and I’m not ready to start dating again.
I’ve been doing some thinking and I don’t want to see one person exclusively.

So, you didn’t end it over dinner – you just stopped calling her – and now your Ameche is ringing night and day.  What do you do?  Ignore her calls.  I’ll say it again, ignore her calls.  And, don’t listen to her messages.  If it’s over for you, then it’s over.  Consider her hounding you Karma for having no balls or empathy.  Eventually, she’ll take the hint (and the cold shoulder  routine) and move on.  Time heals all wounds.  So will a new boyfriend when she finds one.

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