Into the Land of Nevermore

We’ve all reached that point in dating and relationships during which we start listing the things that we’ll never allow again. (God knows I have!) We tell ourselves and sometimes others, who we’ll never date again, what we’ll never do, what we’ll never say; but at the heart of it, when “we say never again”, we mean we ‘hope’ never again. And when we feel resolute in our quest of nevermore, we get insulted when someone else says “easier said than done”; though, when most people have that rejoinder, they mean well and are just trying to warn you that “never again” takes work and time. Stopping cold turkey is hard to do even for the strongest of wills. So in close, my take it or leave it advice is to think of your “never again situation” as a “this is what I should learn and do differently” situation. Talk is cheap. Don’t talk about it; be about it.

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