Ordinary People, Extraordinary Opinions

I don’t deem myself as the arbiter of what can and cannot be thought or said. I used to feel that I could, but have since realized that not everyone thinks the same. You can’t please everyone; the only thing you can really do is to not be actively offensive. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. We are all at the core ordinary people; it is our actions and the environment in which we surround ourselves that make us extraordinary. A lot can be said for the power of a particular opinion; it can inspire praise, it can inspire derision, it can inspire hope, it can inspire anger. Communication is an unquestionable key to the acceptance of understanding our fellow man. Now if we would all just listen more and be more judicious about what we say, then more opinions would have more weight in the long-term and fewer cringeworthy moments in the present and future. With that said, let’s give a hand for communication and cooperation.

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